The great achilles

another picture at 6 weeks
May 25, 2009, 5:32 pm
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A comparison of my legs. It is a bit blurry so my scar is hard to see. Definitely a big cankle there though. I am still shocked how small my scar looks in comparison to the others I have seen pics of. I think the doctor said my tear was higher up than usual. Also, my tear was not a total rupture (only like 95% tear). I think those things together made the surgery easier. I have been trying to put lotion on with vitamin E and cocoa butter (to reduce scars) regularly. I think it has helped a bit. My scar looks better every day.

I was able to take out one of the two heel lifts in my boot without any pain a week ahead of schedule. My foot is just about able to get to 90 degrees outside of the boot.