No Norm for this Injury

By going through this injury and reading everyone’s experiences I’m starting to realize more and more there is no norm for returning to normal with this injury. Some things depend on how agressive your doctor is, how fast you heal your age. Some people have have pain and other do not.  I think the best advise I’ve gotten is just to listen to your body. My doctor tells me to take it one step further than you think you can and thats worked pretty well for me. I’m now 12 week post op and have been walking in two shoes now for a few weeks. Now stuggling with trying to walk without a limp. The most frustrating part of this injury is you want so bad to return to normal but it takes time and patience. I guess I’m writting this because I was going to ask for experiences in how long it takes for the tightness to go away in the tendon when walking and to get rid of the limp. But my guess is I’m going to get a broad range of answers….

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  1. Did you have surgery?

    After conservative treatment I had an issue with pain and tightness in the tendon. It never went away - until I re-ruptured.
    Now I am at week 15 after surgery, 3 weeks in 2 shoes, and I do not feel the tendon stretching, however my calf is so weak that causes me to have a slight limp. And I suspect that will last long for me. I have to work on my calf and that gets sore, but not the tendon.
    I see big improvement in the flexibility as the days go by.

  2. I find I can walk almost without a limp if I go VERY slowly, stand very upright concentrating on equal weight distribution and don’t take too big a step. Sounds complicated but it works. As soon as I try any speed (without crutches) I develop a limp, or if I’ve been on my feet for a while and am getting tired.
    Improving all the time, very slowly.
    Again some of it is to do with weakened calf muscle and knee.
    Nice long stretches are helping with my tightneess plus toe-tapping whilst seated.

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