Need Some Reassurance

Well tomorrow will be week 8 for me. I honestly feel like I’m way ahead of the game compared to some others I read about here. I’ve been FWB since week 5. I still have swelling mostly in the evening if I’ve done to much during the day. It seems to get better and better as time goes on. The biggest change I’ve noticed this last week is that my foot feels more secure when out of the boot and moving it around. This past week I’ve also been able to walk without the boot mainly in the mornings taking a shower. This is actually more like a shuffle as I keep my foot at 90deg while moving around. My concern is that while standing in the shower, shuffling around and also while stretching my achilles a bit as instructed by my PT with a towel around my foot and pulling back…I can really feel my achilles stretching. It doesn’t hurt at all. I don’t really know how to explain it but is this normal? Will this go away when I go to two shoes? When I first started PT it was all just real tight and when I would go through the motions I really didn’t feel anything as it was just tight and probably still numb in that area. But now I can feel more the tendon stretching I guess. When I’m in my boot it all feels normal for the most part. So just looking for what others are feeling back there that have gone through this already or are going through this now…


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  1. Joe - The stretching you describe sounds normal and you will probably feel that for quite a while. The tendon has been at its shortest length while you’ve been casted and in the boot. It takes time to stretch the tendon back to its normal length. I wouldn’t be too concerned unless you are starting to feel pain in the tendon.

  2. Hi Joe,
    I’m just a couple of weeks out of 9 weeks in cast and still doing lots of stretching exercises which I can definitely feel pulling on the tendon, not painfully, but there is still a lot of resistance in it.
    My physio has said to hold the stretches for 30seconds to a minute so the tendon learns to extend again, but never to overextend or push it too far.
    Good luck,

  3. Yes, sounds normal. My first few days in 2-shoes mine was quite tight as well, made it difficult walking up steep hills, and had to walk with a shortened stride (can’t leave the bad foot behind as the ankle won’t ben that far). But it got better quickly and I’m nearly up to full ROM now (a bit over 15 degrees dorsiflexion for me) 5 weeks later. Still feels a little tight sometimes, bu tthe main limitation is calf strength.

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