20 Weeks!

Wanted to stop by for a quick update.  I remember when I first found this site, seeing posts about being 20 weeks out and thinking that would be FOREVER from now!  Well, it certainly wasn’t quick, but it feels great to be here.

So, at 2o weeks, I have been out of the boot for about 8 weeks, and just bought my first pair of post-achilles shoes to wear to work instead of the sneakers I’ve been wearing.  (Dansko Ardens).  I am walking just about anywhere, still with some limp, and if I do alot of activity, my ankle still swells a bit and gets sore. Also, getting out of bed in the morning, the ankle is always stiff.

I also just got back from a great vacation to Riviera Maya, Mexico, where I not only was able to walk through the ruins of Tulum, but also go cave diving, zip lining and rapelling….all with very minimal adjustments needed for my “bad” ankle!  That felt amazing.  the hardest part actually was the “Mayan Staircase” which are the towers of stairs to climb in order to zip line!  Also, walking on the beach felt great!

While I’m not completely healed, still going to PT 2/week working on strength, I do feel great, and like I have mostly returned to normal.  I still notice my “bad” ankle and have some ways to go, but I’m able to do just about anything now, which feels great!

Hope everyone else is making progress and keeping their eyes on the light at the end of the (very long) tunnel!

2 Responses to “20 Weeks!”

  1. Fantastic - there’s not much you can’t do now and that’s exactly where I aim to be at 20wks too.

    What a brilliant milestone to reach, congratulations and your holiday sounds fantastic!!

    Happy continued healing.

  2. Keep on keepin’ on, Jodi!

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