Last wedge out of boot = OUCH!

Just removed last wedge from my Bledsoe boot - and wow, this is quite a set back.  Each wedge has taken a little while to get used to.  This time, I went from FWB in the boot with no crutches back to PWB and 2 crutches!  I can’t seem to get comfortable, between the new angle of  my ankle, plus since my foot sits lower in the boot now, the padding seems to hit in all the wrong places and I just cannot get comfortable in it.  PLEASE tell me this will get easier, like the other wedges did!

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  1. Jodi,
    As I get to lower angles, it takes longer to adjust. The doc says he had to cut out lots of damaged tissue so I’m healing really tight. Some folks come out of the cast at 90 - but it’s a struggle for me. Also, every change I make takes time for me to adjust to the new hot spots etc. it will get better, but this last one took a couple of days. Even when I take my foot out to breath for a while,I feel the stretch when I put It back in now. It just doesn’t want to stay flat! I took my first pain pill in 4 weeks after the last adjustment, but the doc and PT guys say I need to keep moving forward or I’ll heal too tight, HTH, Kim

  2. My last wedge was the worst. It felt like someone was trying to stretch an old dry rotted bungee cord. I ended up taking a wedge to work with me and swapping it in out of the boot every hour or so. I did this for two days and it got better.

    Keep the faith! It just keeps getting better.
    See Ya - Scott (aka: Skutr)

  3. Hello All,
    I am on the sixth week after surgery. The first 5 weeks were Hell. I have had many injuries, but this is so much worse. To get up and go the bathroom was so painful. Just battling the gravity before I went into the bathroom and then by the time I got back to the couch my foot would be almost black in color. I put my foot back on the stack of pillows and it would take 3-4 minutes and it would be pink again.

    The skin on my foot felt like someone sanded all the skin off and dropped a couple pebbles inside the cast. If I move, or stayed in one postion the cast would feel like it was rubbing the skin off. It was so painful I fully expected to see dried blood inside the cast when they took it off. When I did get the cast off there was no dried blood, but something happened to my skin. They said that the nerves get hyper-sensitive. I could not even touch the skin. Even now, all these weeks past, if I lay my fooot on a blanket, or sheet it feels as tho I have my foot on a stick. I am suppose to use vitamin E and massage it!! It is very hard. The experts liken this sensitivity to the way Shingles feel.

    Do any of you have this issue??

  4. Mike, Scott and Kim - thanks for the responses and encouragement! Its day 3 now of no wedges, and it IS getting better. I did put an extra sole pad (not the wedge) back in for just a tiny bit more elevation. In the am’s its still very stiff and sore, but I’m now able to work up to no crutches during the course of a day. I just keep telling myself that it is one step closer to weaning FROM the boot!

    Mike - my skin on and around the scar is very sensitive, it feels so odd when touched, a strange kind of pain. My skin on my foot and leg has also flaked off over the course of this recovery. From what I’ve seen here, the sensitivity and swelling WILL go away in time..

  5. The skin hyper-sensitivity seems common, esp below the heel and sole. Many of us thought that hard smooth floors felt like concrete with pebbles on it, and concrete felt like a bed of nails. Accidentally stepping on a light cord was Yee-Yikes!

    Many of us just babied it until it passed. Crocs and gel footbeds are very comfy. Carpeted floors are OK, too.

  6. I’ve just come out I’ve just taken the last wedge out of my boot I’m experiencing the same amount of weirdnes I’m using a

    strassburg sock a night to stretch it which seems to be helping try this out there about 40 pounds tl buy but well worth it,heel is very numb still but the skin is not so sore now my muscle deteriation is horrific I have big muscles and am shooked at how thin it is,admitidley I was in a cast longer than most, stay positive people

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