First PT Visit Today - too conservative?

I was really looking forward to my first appt today as I have never had to go to PT before and spent a good amount of time reading other’s posts here as well as reaching out to a PT friend (not local) as far as opinions on which center to choose.  Right near my work there is a local franchise of a well known chain (NovaCare) and there is also an independently owned facility which promises 1:1 attention and the same PT each visit.  I was advised by my friend to opt for the smaller place, which I did select.

The visit started out with consultation, and measurements which of course showed pretty limited ROM (from what I can remember, for my bad ankle, -13, 30, 8, 8).  After that she had me do 2 sets of 20 ankle circles, flex and extend and the “ankle alphabet” and then was iced for about 10 mins.  My Dr. said no active dorsiflexion until 12 weeks post op (4+ more weeks) so she said she’s pretty limited with what can be done at this point.  That I should come 2/week next few weeks until I can do more.

Well, that kind of took the wind out of my sails a bit.  No massage, no discussing options, treatment plans, expectations, etc.  Of course I asked a bunch of questions (how long til out of boot, when she thought i would walk unassisted, etc).   Not sure what I was expecting, but I guess I was just a bit underwhelmed.  I read KimJax’s posts about holding leg vertical and massaging, which I may start to do, as well as some basic exercises.

Overall, I’m just SOO  anxious to get moving again and get back on my feet - literally!

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  1. I’d find the UWO Study (& its fast protocol) on this site and share it with her. They got excellent results with much less waiting, so why not try that?

  2. I must say it sounds par for the course. It really depends on the surgeon, their comfort, and the type or extent of damage/repair that was done. In my case I have been labeled non-compliant by both my surgeon and PT. They know that I won’t do something I’m explicitly told not to do but I keep pushing the limits. The problem is that we tend to go in with positive expectations and then get our bubble burst.

    I was feeling much stronger the other day and thought since I was in the boot taking small steps putting most of my weight on my crutch and good leg, that I could just use one crutch. My PT scolded me for pushing it. I Crutched out of the session and didn’t put my foot on the ground the rest of the day. It wasn’t long before I started thinking about the possibility of a re-rupture and the fear starts to consume.

    Just know that most of the care providers are looking out for our best interest. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t push them and ourselves toward recovery.

  3. Excellent post, Michael. Great perspective. Thank you!

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  4. Jodi/Michael,
    It does sound like you guys are trapped in conservative recovery limbo. Hopefully your doctors will respond to Norm’s suggestion. Even though I have considered myself to be on a bit of a fast pace, I still had to plead my case to my therapist for doing stairs and walking outside in 2 shoes. I think my therapist is looking for some signs of confidence from me in the form of asking permission before going to the next level. So while I would not recommend that you make unilateral decisions on your rate of progress, you do have to be your own strongest advocate.

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