Beauty Shots (ie; scar pics)

Have been meaning to share these.  I’m really pleased by how the incision looks - it seems very limited compared to my Dad’s (he had ATR about 15 years ago) and some pics I’ve googled (don’t ever use google images unless you are prepared to see it ALL!).  I actually asked the Dr’s nurse why my scar, which is about an inch or two, seems less extensive than others I’ve seen - she said it was sometimes dependent on the shape of the tendon and how far they had to go in to reach it.  At any rate, I’m pleased.  Here’s a few views, from 2 weeks post op (with stitches) to about 6.5 weeks: (Update: like so many others, the post picture function doesn’t seem to be functioning properly, so here’s a link to 2 pics)

Stitches out 4/30/12

About 6 weeks later 6/3/2012

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  1. Wow! It is a small scar! And what a big difference a few weeks makes. Sounds like you had an easy, quick repair. :)

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