7 Weeks Post Op….

So I had my 6 week post op appt today with my surgeon (due to last Monday being Memorial Day).  He and his nurse took a quick look, told me I should be pretty much off of crutches now….last wedge comes out of boot on Monday and then I can wean out of boot along with my PT recommendation…..which means I start PT this week!  Woo hoo - I am excited and nervous to start.  Have never had to PT an injury, know it will be challenging and occassionally painful, but happy to be at another milestone along this long road of recovery!  Even thought I’m technically a week behind, I like being cautious and careful!  He said PT for 6-12 weeks depending on how the strenght comes back, gladly I have insurance to help!

My progress at this point is that I can flail around (I think I look like  a sick bird) without my crutches.  I have learned that stairs are actually easier with no crutches now, of course with the boot.  I can get around the house with no crutches or 1 crutch, but still take 2 when I go out somewhere. 

I take the boot off in the evening and leave it off while I sleep too, which is a nice break for my foot.  I find myself having to be sure to be extra careful when its off.   Dr today said I could touch it down for balance (yikes scary) but that I should NOT try to bring my toes up yet.

Last scab finally came off and I am left with a scar that is really quite tame compared to some I’ve seen - I thanked him for that.  My dad has at least a 6 inch scar from his ATR and I’m thrilled that mine is not much longer than an inch!!

The thought of being out of the boot in the next few weeks is pretty darn cool!  Scary, but cool!  So, my mid June spa/hiking getaway I’ll still likely have the boot on for, BUT my big spa vacation at the end of August should be great - should be in good shape by then!!!

Hope you are all having a good day!


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