Where have I heard this story before?

Hi all!  I’ve been faithfully reading this site since beginning of April and kept saying that I should share my story as well, so here it goes.

As the title suggests, my story is not that unique, pretty textbook for this type of injury.  Not in the elite athlete way, more in the weekend warrior way - I refuse however to call myself middle age!  My BFF suggested we take a tennis clinic at a local college.  I hadn’t played in years, but love to.  Last few years my activity level has been low, but I have been an active runner, hiker and spin fanatic in the not to distant past.  SO, on a sunny but chilly April evening, we began tennis clinic, and within 30 minutes, I heard the unmistakeable POP as I ran to the net for a shot (my opponent was lousy so I’m kinda holding her accountable for making me run in the first place!!).  I went down face first, and my first words were “What HIT me”, which I repeated a few times, much to the confusion of everyone around me!  I was convinced that someone slammed their rocket into the back of my ankle as hard as they could.  I heard and FELT the pop.  Once I realized there was no mystery assailant, I shouted a 4 letter word beginning with F, again which surprised the crowd :-).  The well intentioned tennis coach asked if I could try to stand up (and move off the court) and I pretty much gave her the “are you on crack” response.  I knew right away what I had done, and waited in pretty signficant pain for the ambulance to arrive.

This has been my first significant injury (other than typical muscle strains and soreness coming from running) so I have had nothing to compare it to, nor have I before had this humbling experience of NOT being able to do something that I wanted to (ie; walk!).

I’ll spare all the details, except to say that I am now 5 weeks post surgery (waited until 4/17 as surgeon was going on vacation and he was well recommended by several folks) and I am PWB.  Have been lucky to be able to work from home, though I still require a good deal of help to manage some daily tasks (ie; showering, carrying things, food prep, cleaning, etc etc etc).  I’m staying put as much as possible as I don’t want to do anything to risk re-injury (as one of my hometown Eagles just did).  I feel like recovery has been going as well as can be expected, no complications, have had the usual pain, swelling and cramps in my calf (or where my calf muscle used to be!)  That being said, it feels like I am quite a way from walking in “2 shoes” on my own, but I KNOW I’ll get there!

I have a few big activities this summer coming up, including moving into a new house, and 2 vacations which “WOULD” have centered around hiking, so it will be interesting to say the least!

For the other ladies here, are you dying for a pedicure or what???  I’ve considered going to get my right foot done, but then I realize that the probability of wearing open shoes/flip flops even on my good foot is quite slim for this summer :-(

Wishing everyone safe, swift healing!

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  1. Yep, Jodi, I am dying for a pedicure. It’s hard to even stretch enough to cut my toenails. I’m like you - I’m going to wear the old lady tennis shoes and forget the flip flops until I’m off crutches. I have NO desire to have difficulty catching myself during near spills (which are frequent with 6 kids and a dog - all wanting to “help.” ;) I’m so thankful I got to wash my leg with something other than wipies yesterday - woohoo!

    Bummer you’re missing the hiking trips. We hike Maine every summer and this is the first that I’ll miss. :( I can take a shower by myself now - I’ll try to post the setup. I keep the towel on an upside down laundry basket and use a toilet chair in the shower - works great. I just cover the boot with a trash bag and medical tape - it’s all near the shower. My kids get the clothes I throw on the floor (sweet revenge!) after years of picking theirs up, lol! I use a backpack to move around the house with camera cords, iPad, paper, pen, snacks, etc. in it. :)
    I was in great shape from biking and swimming - but blew it to pieces stepping off a high curb wrong and landing hard on my heel. Heard the loud crack and thought it was the curb giving way! Just a freak thing - no way to avoid it. Are you doing PT yet?

  2. Hi Jodi4512 and kimjax,

    Don’t give up on hiking this summer just yet.

    Depending on how comfortable you are walking in your boot by then, you could hike a couple of miles per day in your boot - just take ice packs and be ready for a little swelling/pain afterwards.

    I’m a middle-aged weekend-only athlete, yet walked all over Spain (with my kids/grandkids) at around 10 weeks post-ATR surgery on miles of cobblestone streets, old castle stairs, train stations, roads, beaches etc and felt really safe in my boot (even in bare feet on the beaches).

    As long as the trails you hike are pretty wide and not too rocky it might work out fine for you all as well. Of course your boot may get dirty and trashed, but might as well use it to do fun things like your trips with family and friends.

    Just double check with your doc before you go for any other advice!

    So good luck with your rehabs, and here’s hoping you both still get those hikes in :-)


  3. Thanks, John. I love hearing stories like that! Gives me HOPE!

  4. I agree with John, don’t give up on it yet. Though moving a bit slower than normal, at 10 weeks, I was doing some fairly decent mountain hikes:


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