2 week post op, Healing well!

I am a 34 year old Male. I am very activate and love playing sports. I recently joined a semi pro football team. I knew doing this might get me injured but the risk was worth the reward at the time, until this happened. It was my dream to be able to put pads on one more time and when a semi pro team came into town I thought this is my chance. We were 2 games into the season June 8th in front of our home crowd, very excited to play in front of family and friends. It was late in the 1st qrt when I was on Punt Return I realized I strained my Achilles, nothing serious at the time. I came off the field and began stretching it and it loosened right up and there was no problem. I continued playing. I am a full back so if you can think of the pounding that continued into late into the 4th qrt, 2 mins remaining and the coaches decide to give me the ball on the 2 yrd line. I am nervous and excited at the same time. I am telling myself I am going to get this touchdown. I get the ball handed off to me and I hit 2 guys push them into the endzone and hear the refs say touchdown and then it happend, the biggest nightmare to any athletic or individual for that matter this feeling like someone kicked me in the back of the foot and when I realized no one was there I knew it, it was over. I limped off the field and headed to the hospital to get it confirmed it was a complete rupture. That Tuesday meant with my surgeon and he too confirmed it and we scheduled for that Friday June 14th. I will tell you what this has been very lonely and boring sitting at home. I was put into a boot right from the hospital.  The first 5 days was the worst, but it is improving everyday. I am icing it , keeping it elevated a lot and working from home for the most part, thank you technology.  I have been watching people blog about there process and I would like to share my thoughts and also hear others on how they are getting along. This will be a long road and we all have time to spare. Please comment anytime..

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  1. Bravo in the touchdown. Sorry about your injury. Are you in a cast? I can’t ice anything. I went non-op. I was happy go lucky up until I got the cast. Yesterday. My upper body strength sucks. I would like to call my crutches every name in the book and then throw them off my balcony.

    I got the forearm crutches…. I don’t look like such a dweeb and they are easier then undershoulder crutches. I hate having to use crutches so much if I have a choice of eating or sitting …. I choose sitting.

    I’m working from home also. That helps tremendously. Sounds like your doing great.

    Happy Healing xx

  2. im 68 and busted my ach. 5.5 wks.ago.went from cast to boot to no boot able to walk. with slight limp starting pt tomrw. im icing often no alchole no caffine table spoon of knox gelletin morn one at night.im sure by wk.8 ill be walking normal. been going to gym doing what i can.think im ahead of the curve. just wanted to give you idea of what can happen.and i prey alot. god bless.

  3. I am 65 and am in my third week and it appears my OS did the same thing as you described. I am in a boot now but when did you get rid of the crutches? It appears you are doing good. I also am looking forward to the gym as I went 3-4 times per week previously.

  4. Praying does help a lot as well

  5. got rid of crutches wk 4.i only use them now to get sympathy.im at wk. 6 went to walmart wearing running shoes tonight felt great just being careful.seriously about 2 wks. ago i felt a healing on my leg. its been amazing sinse.my doc. cranked my foot to neutral about wk.3 and cast it that way .that hurt for 3 days im not sure what possed him to do that but i think it has made a big diff.please keep me post on your progress and what your doc. is telling you. god bless

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