10 weeks in non-op. feeling good!

It’s amazing to think of the strides taken the last 1-2 weeks. Ditched the boot the last 3 days. The boot & Even up have been sitting in my car while at work. My limp is still there, but I think it’s lessening each day. I don’t mind walking slowly around [...]

9 wks out, non-op

OK, so I guess transitioning into 2 shoes isn’t as smooth sailing as I thought it’d be. I’m still just wearing shoes in & around my home, but that can still translate into a lot of walking when tending to my 2 toddlers. Yesterday & today I’ve been feeling more of a new [...]

2 shoes!

Put on a left shoe to my recovering foot for the 1st time in 8 weeks! (non-op). Last pm, just stood up, but didn’t have the guts to try walking. I tried walking around the home in 2 shoes - 1st with both crutches, then 1 crutch on opposite side, then no crutches [...]


I’m 7 weeks post injury, non-op & started FWB around week 4. It’s been a lot easier to get around without crutches or rolling around my home in an office chair. I took all the wedges from my aircast over the past week. I do find that I get discomfort in my [...]


I’m ~4 wks out from injury, non-op, & saw PT yesterday. It felt good to be able to start engaging my bad foot (left) back into my life. I can stand on my one booted leg while holding onto a counter for balance, & I am putting more wt on it while walking [...]

3 wks out. non-op. ok, this is getting old…

I’m starting to get rub burn from crawling around the carpeted floors tending to or playing with my kids, or crawling up & down the downstairs for stuff. I’m looking forward to graduating from crutches!
That being said, while I am on crutches & moving towards full WB during weeks 4-6, did anyone have problems [...]

Security blanket

I guess having my leg exposed was over-rated. I was pretty nervous & paranoid when I’d take off the boot for dressing & bathing - to the point that I couldn’t wait to get the boot back on for protection (kinda like a security blanket). I’m 3 weeks post injury (non-op route), & [...]

Calftrophy (calf-atrophy:) 2.5 wks post injury

Had my 2 wk ortho f/u appt today.  Cast came off  & I guess I was building things up in my head to reunite with my left leg.  I expected it to be grimy, laden in dry skin, & hairy.  It was anticlimactic to see a somewhat normal looking leg.  I was bummed about the [...]

Shower chair! 10 days post injury

I NEVER thought I would be so happy to get my hands on a shower chair! After 10 days of showering on an ‘all purpose Home Depot bucket,’ I was tired of doing 1 legged squats when getting up from such a low position. The chair upgrade really helped me be more comfortable & feel [...]

Sniper on the tennis court!

That’s what I thought was happening when I felt & heard a sound as if someone threw a ski ball at my posterior ankle. As I turned around to find my assailant, I was on the ground since I couldn’t bear weight on my left ankle. My mixed doubles teammates assured me that [...]