10 weeks in non-op. feeling good!

It’s amazing to think of the strides taken the last 1-2 weeks. Ditched the boot the last 3 days. The boot & Even up have been sitting in my car while at work. My limp is still there, but I think it’s lessening each day. I don’t mind walking slowly around work, especially since I think my ankle stiffens after sitting for long periods. I can actually walk up stairs faster than I can walk on flat surfaces, since my achilles doesn’t seem as involved with ascending stairs compared to walking. When descending stairs, I still have to navigate each step one-by-one.  Usually I just use the elevator.  However, I’ve always been one to use the stairs so i go up them when I can.  At my home, I sometimes descend while facing up the stairs & walk backwards while holding onto the rail, just to get down faster (Don’t worry, I’m being careful!)

Standing up in the shower & being able to walk barefoot comfortably have also been a milestone. Last week, it felt like my left foot was walking on a marble. I think the padding on the plantar aspect of my heel has improved, hence the more ease with walking barefoot

I see PT again this Thursday. I’ve done the stationary bike & ~10 min on the stair machine, but haven’t done any cardio machines at the gym w/o the boot yet.

Overall, I’m pleased with the progress, but am still trying to be cautious & deliberate with movements.  Trying to ice & elevate every night. I am doing home PT exercises before the kids wake up, at the end of the work day at my office & also in the evening.  Seated calf raises with applied weight is still challenging, but easier than last week.  I’m thankful that some of the aches & pains from the last few weeks are not much of any issue.  Did acupuncture 2 weeks ago.  I thought it helped, as I felt good the evening of the treatment, & will go again next week…

2 Responses to “10 weeks in non-op. feeling good!”

  1. Glad you’re progressing! Yes do be careful! And take smaller steps so you can walk without a limp. Until you get the strength and flexibility back you can’t walk a full stride without limping and those 2 things just take time. I’m at 33+ weeks and still have to think about my foot as I go downstairs. When I no longer notice my foot I know I’m close to full recovery. And I’m still icing as well. As my doctor reminds me on every visit. It’s 1 year for full recovery ….

  2. Congratulations! i am really happy that you’re progressing! When I no longer notice my foot I know I’m close to full recovery.

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