I’m 7 weeks post injury, non-op & started FWB around week 4. It’s been a lot easier to get around without crutches or rolling around my home in an office chair. I took all the wedges from my aircast over the past week. I do find that I get discomfort in my heel after short periods of time. I get immediate relief when I loosen or remove the boot. It doesn’t seem to lessen when I use a shoe insert with arch/ heel support. I’m hoping that it’s related to the boot & won’t be a factor when I can wear shoes, but we shall see!

Planning on hitting the stationary bike at the gym today & I’m SO looking forward to it. Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. What boot are you using? I get discomfort with my boot, around the top side of my ankle, never the surgical site. Im thinking of getting the Vacoped advertized here.

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