I’m ~4 wks out from injury, non-op, & saw PT yesterday. It felt good to be able to start engaging my bad foot (left) back into my life. I can stand on my one booted leg while holding onto a counter for balance, & I am putting more wt on it while walking very slowly around the home. I am using 1 or 2 crutches most of the time, but have meandered around the kitchen without any crutches on occasion. The heel is where it starts to feel funny when I’m using it more, but there’s immediate relief once I rest or take the boot off for a moment.

It feels so much more hopeful at this point! Even having one hand free while holding one crutch on my good side is liberating:) At one point, I thought I could return to work this week, but I already decided to take more time off to allow more time to recover without pushing it. Being up on my feet more at work than what’s necessary for recovery doesn’t seem the smartest thing to do right now. I’ve also noticed that being on the ankle scooter was positioning my boot to add some bothersome pressure on my achilles.

Anyway, I’m just having to remind myself not to do too much too soon, as others on this blog have alluded. Take care everyone!

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