3 wks out. non-op. ok, this is getting old…

I’m starting to get rub burn from crawling around the carpeted floors tending to or playing with my kids, or crawling up & down the downstairs for stuff. I’m looking forward to graduating from crutches!

That being said, while I am on crutches & moving towards full WB during weeks 4-6, did anyone have problems with leg-length discrepancy, DESPITE using a balancing product such as “evenup” (see below) on the good foot? I purchased this from Amazon per advice from PT, & I am using it with a running shoe,  However, my affected leg is still longer. I’m hoping that things will even up when the heel lifts are out (1cm x3), to prevent new ailments such as back or hip pains.


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  1. I never had terrible back or hip pain due to the leg length descrepency, but I definitely noticed it effected when I transitioned to shoes. I caught myself hiking my hip and being very stiff overall in my surgical leg.

    I never ended up buying the even up shoe, but I regretted I never got one in the beginning. I think it would have made things a lot easier and more comfortable.

  2. Hi Jobie3997,

    prior to my surgery, to deal with the leg length difference, I wore a hiking boot on the good leg with the boot on the injured leg. It was less than 2 weeks, hence I only felt a slight strain but not back/hip pain. Another friend of mine ( who had surgery to remove a bone spur at the heel) wore a steel toe shoe, to match the leg length with the boot.

  3. Hi Jobie,

    Thanks for this post! I had surgery 10 days ago and had my cast/splint removed today. This was supposed to happen at the 2 week mark but there was something poking me in my cast so I went in today. I’m in an air boot for 2 months.

    I was just wondering how to put weight on the injured side when the boot adds so much length. Right now I have 3 heel lifts.

    I don’t start PT for another week or so and appreciate the evenup attachment suggestion.

    I’ve been having back/hip pain from sleeping in weird positions but am going to start doing more stretching to see if that helps.

    Good luck with your recovery!

  4. Shan,

    I’m still trying to figure out the PWB -> progress to FWB as tolerated. I’m 4 wks out from injury, non-op.

    When I use the “Evenup” on the good side, there is still a slight height discrepancy, but I’m hoping it’ll be trivial in the scheme of things. I’m putting some (but not full) wt on the affected side while crutching, since it’s not super comfortable to put more wt than I can tolerate. Today, I crutched along on a sidewalk on the way to lunch & I was getting some discomfort in my hip from holding the bad leg above the ground so much to avoid FWB (i.e. flexing my hip front-wards to help to “walk” while PWB). Putting the “Evenup” helped offset this somewhat, despite my legs NOT being an exact equal height.

    It may not be crucial to have something like the Evenup for moving small distances. I haven’t been using it around the house as much.

    Sorry about the sleeping woes. Seems like everyone is having that issue while in the boot. I did have the orthopedics technician save the front slab of my cast for me, so I can sleep in it, rather than the boot. I wrap the cast & leg in ACE wrap for sleep. I figure it’ll keep me from dorsiflexing & it beats sleeping in the boot, in my opinion. I cleared this with orthopedics & mentioned it to PT & they didn’t seem object to this.

    Jenna ( “Jobie3997″)

  5. I ordered 1 evenup and was sent 2. For my first foot using all the padding for the even up was sufficient. For my 2nd foot they changed the boot and this one had a thicker sole compared to the first so I had to use all use one of the even up layers from the 2nd one to get the even up high enough. I have some clogs that have a pretty thick sole and those got me just about even as well if I felt like clogs instead of shoes.

  6. Thanks everyone! I ordered an evenup on Amazon and am waiting for it to arrive. I went into a shoe store today and they gave me a handful of shoe inserts to put under the actual insert for a pair of Sorel boots I have. She said they could go in any shoe that has a removable insert. I’m hoping that with the inserts and the evenup I can get close to the same length as the side with the boot.

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