Security blanket

I guess having my leg exposed was over-rated. I was pretty nervous & paranoid when I’d take off the boot for dressing & bathing - to the point that I couldn’t wait to get the boot back on for protection (kinda like a security blanket). I’m 3 weeks post injury (non-op route), & saw PT 2/14/19. Reviewed some simple exercises in plantar flexion that I’ll do in the next few weeks. I was discouraged about the height discrepancy that the aircast/ heel lift left me with. my PT recommended the “Evenup” shoe balancer, to be worn on the unaffected foot. I was convinced that it’ll be useful so ordered it of amazon for $30. Will update on how that goes.

My foot & ankle are a tad more swollen than previous with some mild bruising at the base.

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  1. You definitely need an even up when you’re walking in the boot unless you have a pair of shoes that have the same amount of elevation. Without the even up you’ll end up with an unhappy hip on the good side.

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