Calftrophy (calf-atrophy:) 2.5 wks post injury

Had my 2 wk ortho f/u appt today.  Cast came off  & I guess I was building things up in my head to reunite with my left leg.  I expected it to be grimy, laden in dry skin, & hairy.  It was anticlimactic to see a somewhat normal looking leg.  I was bummed about the calf atrophy, but that’s to be expected.  There was no significant swelling or bruising.  I imagine the edema may come along more as I learn to use my leg in the weeks to come.  I’m looking forward to starting PT tomorrow.

They didn’t have the DonJoy boots available that day, so I will obtain that tomorrow.   My cast was still intact in a front & back slab, so I’m using that, wrapped in ACE wrap until I get my boot tomorrow.  I’m taking the advice of a previous blogger (kiwiclaire) - IF the boot is too uncomfortable to sleep in, I specifically asked the ortho technician to let me keep the front slab so I can use it (wrapped in ACE wrap to keep foot in equinus) at night to sleep,   He graciously mettled with the padding so that any sharp edges weren’t exposed.

I’m ecstatic to finally wash my leg this evening.  WOOO-HOOO!

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