Shower chair! 10 days post injury

I NEVER thought I would be so happy to get my hands on a shower chair! After 10 days of showering on an ‘all purpose Home Depot bucket,’ I was tired of doing 1 legged squats when getting up from such a low position. The chair upgrade really helped me be more comfortable & feel safer in the shower. I’m 10 days post injury.  I chose non-op for my rupture. Cast comes off in 6 days (2 wks in cast), & then the following day, booked my 1st “date” with PT on Valentine’s Day.  I’m looking forward to starting rehab, albeit being a slow recovery.

Yesterday I decided to inform my work that I’ll be out longer, at least 4 wks post injury. It’s so hard to predict how moving around will be once the cast is off & boot / heel lifts are in.  My job involves moving around a hospital & seeing patients. Doesn’t seem safe to risk falling from a scooter or from crutches while attempting to work.  I’m hoping to not use the scooter (or crutches) at all when back at work, taking into account what other bloggers have been advised by their PTs.  Also, using the scooter while in a boot actually seems it would be uncomfortable.  Thoughts?

Judging from others’ posts it seems quite variable on when people ditch the crutches. I’d appreciate anyone’s input on your experience on when crutches weren’t needed.

I have 2 toddler boys (2&4 yr old). They seem to understand that ‘mommy can’t do this or that…’.  With the iwalk 2.0 prosthetic, I’ve been able to do some of my routine house chores like dishes, laundry, cooking.

I’ve been able to occupy myself pretty well so far during this 2 wk NWB period. Since my right foot is good & well, I’ve been able to drive,  take care of simple errands, meet friends for lunch, do some ab exercises… still getting restless at times.

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  1. I got around for 6 weeks with a scooter since I was 6 weeks NWB. I was getting around in a 2 story house and then on errands to the store and going to the gym. I had a splint on part of the time and a boot the rest of the time on the scooter. The only discomfort I had on the scooter was with the splint when it went too far up my leg. I just got some shears and cut it back. If the boot is uncomfortable adding a pad to the scooter should help. I only had to add a cover since my knee got tired of the plastic cover after a while. I had no discomfort, at all, with the scooter the first time around with my right foot in 2017. The left leg/foot seems to be more sensitive :)

    I don’t recall exactly who but one guy who tried using crutches at work finally switched to the scooter since it was so much easier.

    Good luck on this long journey!

  2. Hey! I’m 3 weeks post-op, so a little bit different. I’m 39 also! I’m 4 weeks NWB, casted right now. I think the decision to take off work is a very hard one. I teach, and have massive teacher guilt for being gone so long. Although I have moments in my work day where I can sit, I have A LOT of movement during the day, which ultimately led to to decide to take off for the NWB stage and then get used to walking the boot and a little PT under my belt before I go back. I know that I have made the best decision for the healing in the long run.

    I use the scooter just around home, navigating the kitchen. The length of the cast does cut into my leg when I rest on the knee portion but getting around the kitchen it’s fine. I don’t think I could do it at work but have known others who have no problem.

    Only time will tell when I get to ditch the crutches! Certainly not during the NWB stage! :) lol

  3. I went back to teaching a week after surgery. I was in a splint for three days, then he put me in the boot, NWB. I did tear my Achilles at work, so it’s a Work Comp case and my surgeon’s goal was to get me back quickly. Also, the work comp pay was less than my salary, so I wanted to get back to work as well without using a lot of my sick days. I was on restricted duty–only standing for 15 minutes at a time– and I had a scooter to get around. A colleague who lives nearby drove me to school, lugging the scooter into her trunk every day. I teach high school, so it was easier to just sit at my desk with my foot propped up on it for several weeks. If I taught elementary, I probably would have taken more sick leave and waited until I was more mobile. The teenagers were fine with me sitting all the time. Little kids are a whole different ballgame!

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