10 weeks in non-op. feeling good!

It’s amazing to think of the strides taken the last 1-2 weeks. Ditched the boot the last 3 days. The boot & Even up have been sitting in my car while at work. My limp is still there, but I think it’s lessening each day. I don’t mind walking slowly around work, especially since I think my ankle stiffens after sitting for long periods. I can actually walk up stairs faster than I can walk on flat surfaces, since my achilles doesn’t seem as involved with ascending stairs compared to walking. When descending stairs, I still have to navigate each step one-by-one.  Usually I just use the elevator.  However, I’ve always been one to use the stairs so i go up them when I can.  At my home, I sometimes descend while facing up the stairs & walk backwards while holding onto the rail, just to get down faster (Don’t worry, I’m being careful!)

Standing up in the shower & being able to walk barefoot comfortably have also been a milestone. Last week, it felt like my left foot was walking on a marble. I think the padding on the plantar aspect of my heel has improved, hence the more ease with walking barefoot

I see PT again this Thursday. I’ve done the stationary bike & ~10 min on the stair machine, but haven’t done any cardio machines at the gym w/o the boot yet.

Overall, I’m pleased with the progress, but am still trying to be cautious & deliberate with movements.  Trying to ice & elevate every night. I am doing home PT exercises before the kids wake up, at the end of the work day at my office & also in the evening.  Seated calf raises with applied weight is still challenging, but easier than last week.  I’m thankful that some of the aches & pains from the last few weeks are not much of any issue.  Did acupuncture 2 weeks ago.  I thought it helped, as I felt good the evening of the treatment, & will go again next week…

9 wks out, non-op

OK, so I guess transitioning into 2 shoes isn’t as smooth sailing as I thought it’d be. I’m still just wearing shoes in & around my home, but that can still translate into a lot of walking when tending to my 2 toddlers. Yesterday & today I’ve been feeling more of a new ache & soreness near the rupture site that got me worried. Also a bit more stiff in the a.m. I’m assuming its from using my foot more over the past week while using shoes around the home, but can’t help from feeling a little set back. SO, sporting the boot & trying to “take it easy” more the next few days . Hoping it passes soon!

2 shoes!

Put on a left shoe to my recovering foot for the 1st time in 8 weeks! (non-op). Last pm, just stood up, but didn’t have the guts to try walking. I tried walking around the home in 2 shoes - 1st with both crutches, then 1 crutch on opposite side, then no crutches after some practice. It felt SO good to be wearing a sneaker. I plan to start wearing 2 shoes a little more each day at home, but don’t plan on wearing shoes to work just yet.


I’m 7 weeks post injury, non-op & started FWB around week 4. It’s been a lot easier to get around without crutches or rolling around my home in an office chair. I took all the wedges from my aircast over the past week. I do find that I get discomfort in my heel after short periods of time. I get immediate relief when I loosen or remove the boot. It doesn’t seem to lessen when I use a shoe insert with arch/ heel support. I’m hoping that it’s related to the boot & won’t be a factor when I can wear shoes, but we shall see!

Planning on hitting the stationary bike at the gym today & I’m SO looking forward to it. Have a great weekend everyone!


I’m ~4 wks out from injury, non-op, & saw PT yesterday. It felt good to be able to start engaging my bad foot (left) back into my life. I can stand on my one booted leg while holding onto a counter for balance, & I am putting more wt on it while walking very slowly around the home. I am using 1 or 2 crutches most of the time, but have meandered around the kitchen without any crutches on occasion. The heel is where it starts to feel funny when I’m using it more, but there’s immediate relief once I rest or take the boot off for a moment.

It feels so much more hopeful at this point! Even having one hand free while holding one crutch on my good side is liberating:) At one point, I thought I could return to work this week, but I already decided to take more time off to allow more time to recover without pushing it. Being up on my feet more at work than what’s necessary for recovery doesn’t seem the smartest thing to do right now. I’ve also noticed that being on the ankle scooter was positioning my boot to add some bothersome pressure on my achilles.

Anyway, I’m just having to remind myself not to do too much too soon, as others on this blog have alluded. Take care everyone!

3 wks out. non-op. ok, this is getting old…

I’m starting to get rub burn from crawling around the carpeted floors tending to or playing with my kids, or crawling up & down the downstairs for stuff. I’m looking forward to graduating from crutches!

That being said, while I am on crutches & moving towards full WB during weeks 4-6, did anyone have problems with leg-length discrepancy, DESPITE using a balancing product such as “evenup” (see below) on the good foot? I purchased this from Amazon per advice from PT, & I am using it with a running shoe,  However, my affected leg is still longer. I’m hoping that things will even up when the heel lifts are out (1cm x3), to prevent new ailments such as back or hip pains.


Security blanket

I guess having my leg exposed was over-rated. I was pretty nervous & paranoid when I’d take off the boot for dressing & bathing - to the point that I couldn’t wait to get the boot back on for protection (kinda like a security blanket). I’m 3 weeks post injury (non-op route), & saw PT 2/14/19. Reviewed some simple exercises in plantar flexion that I’ll do in the next few weeks. I was discouraged about the height discrepancy that the aircast/ heel lift left me with. my PT recommended the “Evenup” shoe balancer, to be worn on the unaffected foot. I was convinced that it’ll be useful so ordered it of amazon for $30. Will update on how that goes.

My foot & ankle are a tad more swollen than previous with some mild bruising at the base.

Calftrophy (calf-atrophy:) 2.5 wks post injury

Had my 2 wk ortho f/u appt today.  Cast came off  & I guess I was building things up in my head to reunite with my left leg.  I expected it to be grimy, laden in dry skin, & hairy.  It was anticlimactic to see a somewhat normal looking leg.  I was bummed about the calf atrophy, but that’s to be expected.  There was no significant swelling or bruising.  I imagine the edema may come along more as I learn to use my leg in the weeks to come.  I’m looking forward to starting PT tomorrow.

They didn’t have the DonJoy boots available that day, so I will obtain that tomorrow.   My cast was still intact in a front & back slab, so I’m using that, wrapped in ACE wrap until I get my boot tomorrow.  I’m taking the advice of a previous blogger (kiwiclaire) - IF the boot is too uncomfortable to sleep in, I specifically asked the ortho technician to let me keep the front slab so I can use it (wrapped in ACE wrap to keep foot in equinus) at night to sleep,   He graciously mettled with the padding so that any sharp edges weren’t exposed.

I’m ecstatic to finally wash my leg this evening.  WOOO-HOOO!

Shower chair! 10 days post injury

I NEVER thought I would be so happy to get my hands on a shower chair! After 10 days of showering on an ‘all purpose Home Depot bucket,’ I was tired of doing 1 legged squats when getting up from such a low position. The chair upgrade really helped me be more comfortable & feel safer in the shower. I’m 10 days post injury.  I chose non-op for my rupture. Cast comes off in 6 days (2 wks in cast), & then the following day, booked my 1st “date” with PT on Valentine’s Day.  I’m looking forward to starting rehab, albeit being a slow recovery.

Yesterday I decided to inform my work that I’ll be out longer, at least 4 wks post injury. It’s so hard to predict how moving around will be once the cast is off & boot / heel lifts are in.  My job involves moving around a hospital & seeing patients. Doesn’t seem safe to risk falling from a scooter or from crutches while attempting to work.  I’m hoping to not use the scooter (or crutches) at all when back at work, taking into account what other bloggers have been advised by their PTs.  Also, using the scooter while in a boot actually seems it would be uncomfortable.  Thoughts?

Judging from others’ posts it seems quite variable on when people ditch the crutches. I’d appreciate anyone’s input on your experience on when crutches weren’t needed.

I have 2 toddler boys (2&4 yr old). They seem to understand that ‘mommy can’t do this or that…’.  With the iwalk 2.0 prosthetic, I’ve been able to do some of my routine house chores like dishes, laundry, cooking.

I’ve been able to occupy myself pretty well so far during this 2 wk NWB period. Since my right foot is good & well, I’ve been able to drive,  take care of simple errands, meet friends for lunch, do some ab exercises… still getting restless at times.

Sniper on the tennis court!

That’s what I thought was happening when I felt & heard a sound as if someone threw a ski ball at my posterior ankle. As I turned around to find my assailant, I was on the ground since I couldn’t bear weight on my left ankle. My mixed doubles teammates assured me that no one was there & I immediately noticed that something was terribly wrong with my Achilles.

I work as an Internal Medicine doc & I already assumed I at least partially tore my achilles. I wasn’t in much pain, but was immediately angry & disappointed knowing that this injury was gonna put me out from normal activities for many months. I just starting getting back into tennis Nov 2018 after 18 years hiatus from playing competitively in college. I was playing on average of once a week, in addition to occasional cardio at the gym, jogging, running the stairs & jump roping.  I guess that wasn’t enough to condition my tendons for all the “pushing off” motions that day. It was my 1st league match (USTA mixed doubles) & I was having the MOST fun. we actually won decisively & the injury occurred during a “practice” mixed doubles set afterwards. Surprisingly, I wasn’t doing anything too explosive in terms of the movements, but I wonder if all the wear & tear just exceeded what my tendon can handle.

Confided with a sports medicine doctor friend that evening, got hold of a camboot walking boot the next day, but then was advised by the ortho PA at my hospital I work at to get in a splint in plantar flexion & be non-wt bearing. My neighbor who works in primary care helped confirm I had a tear. The injury happened 1/26/19 & I had my ortho appt 1/29/19. Tendon rupture was confirmed clinically, & I was placed in a short leg cast (I chose black:) in mild plantar flexion.  After hearing my options, I opted for non-surgical treatment.  I figure that if surgery isn’t required to recover & if I can rehab just as well, I’d rather not have surgery if I don’t NEED it.  I have a f/u appointment in 2 weeks.

I went from the highest high to a pretty big low.  A lot of other misfortunes have been happening to me in the last few months, & I certainly didn’t need this injury.  It’s already challenging enough to keep up with my 2.5 & 4 yr old toddler boys when I’m healthy.  I’m 39, pretty active & love to be busy & on the go.  I guess this achilles rupture was the universe’s way of telling me that I need to stop, slow down, & just SIT.  I’ve been able to be somewhat mobile while non wt bearing on my left foot.  I can still drive.  I borrowed one of those ankle scooters & this “pirate-peg-leg” orthotic see pic below) from work colleagues.  They have worked WONDERS for me in terms of getting around the house & out in public.  So despite having the cast for 1 wk now, I’ve been able to meet up with friends for lunch, go to the grocery, even get to a hockey game for a friend’s bday!  I HIGHLY recommend this iWalk orthotic.  totally a game changer.  I still have to use the crutches with toileting & after showering, but the peg leg is definitely preferred over the crutches.  I tell my kids that I’m a peg-leg-pirate.  I was more excited about it since the novelty wore off for them pretty fast.

I know you all know this already, but it is SO tough to be non-wt bearing & to have this injury.  I hate how I have to plan do the most menial, mindless tasks that we take for granted normally.  I’m disappointed that I won’t be back on the tennis court for months & that I can’t take my kids on the normal outings nor run around with them.  However, I know I’ll get through this.  I’m fortunate to have a wonderful husband, healthy kids, a much needed nanny, supportive friends, & an accommodating job.  Even my dog seems to be stepping up & giving me more affection.  I’ve already gotten a lot out of reading the posts on this blog.  I am empowered & encouraged.  I’m looking forward to rehab & literally getting back on my feet!

iwalk 2.0