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I am a 36 yr old wife and stay at home mum blessed with three awesome kids (6yr, 9yr & 12yr old) from New Zealand.

I am up for any adventure that comes my way, I love volleyball and practically any sport, motor biking,rafting, mountain biking actually I will pretty much give anything a go.

I did my ATR playing netball so this blog is about the day to day life changing challenges that come along and pop randomly into my head as I begin this journey to recovery….so the story begins…..

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  1. jackinvaon 25 Mar 2013 at 11:07 AM 1

    Hi Jo. So glad your recovery is coming along well. One step at a time and one day at a time.

    I’ve heard so many NZ’ers comment that surgery is almost never considered with full ATR’s and I still have a hard time understanding how a complete separation can become a total repair without surgery. Does just placing the two damaged tendon ends together and holding them stationary with the boot cause them to start growing back together again and repair themselves? I know the body can do some miraculous things and this must be one of them.

    Keep on keeping on!

  2. joauer77on 25 Mar 2013 at 4:58 PM 2

    Hi Jack

    Yeah I was soooo gutted that refusal of surgery was so strong with first time ATR. I argued big time with them as they would only do surgery if I re-ruptured and we went into detail about likely hood etc and i was prepared with a good argument but they are mindset on no surgery for first time rupture….I am just really putting my faith out there that my achilles is healing in the correct place and that I will follow my orthos protocol as the one I am under seems to be the one who is most up to date with conservative heal protocols for successful healing….only time will tell and me not pushing myself too far too fast beyond what my achilles can take and for me that is hard as give me a piece of rope, however long or short it is and I WILL get every cm out of it I can and that is a big FRUSTRATING lesson for me to learn…..as yesterday I began FWB and well lets just say most of the evening I had the ice out!

  3. normofthenorthon 28 Apr 2013 at 12:44 AM 3

    Jack, the first of the modern studies showing non-op results as good as surgery was done in NZ, published in 2007, so they’ve had a few more years to adjust to the new evidence than most places. They’ve also made an “executive decision” to “simplify” the decision-making for patients by essentially eliminating the option of surgery. I agree with them that many or most smart and well-informed ATR patients should and would choose the non-op route, but I’m not keen on eliminating the whole “informed consent” choice, as they’ve done. OTOH, given the virtually identical results and the hugely different costs to the medical system (the government/taxpayer, the patient, or the insurer, depending on the system), I think NZ is probably giving us a glimpse at the future, even in the US — though the US may be the last holdout! Maybe they’ll adopt fast non-op ATR treatment and the Metric system at the same time? ;-)
    Personally, I find the average situation in the US (based on blogs and posts here) just as offensive to my fondness for “informed consent”, but in the opposite direction.

    And yes, Jack, it is very hard to understand how the modern non-op protocols work so well. (I’ve heard theories, some of which seem plausible. Putting the two tendon ends near each other with “equinus” is part of it. And having an intact “paratenon” surrounding the ruptured AT is probably another part. But nobody really knows yet.) But I thinkwe’re also still trying to figure out how Aspirin works on headaches, and lots of other therapies that do work. “Evidence-based medicine” is still a fight in many jurisdictions, and it’s NOT about understanding mechanisms, it’s just about using treatments that have been proven to WORK! That’s all the Randomized Controlled Trials are designed to do. (And most surgical procedures are NOT subjected to those kinds of trials before they become popular, unlike new drugs.) I don’t know about you, but I’m happy to receive treatments for my medical problems that do work, whether or not anybody understands how they work.

    Check out the results from the UWO 2010 study, and from the NZ 2007 study, too. They’re linked from my “Studies” blog, and from the Wikipedia article on ATR, and the whole text of the UWO study is available free in this site’s Protocols and Studies page.

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