Apr 07 2013


Oh the excitement of little things!

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Oh the excitment of little things….yes thats right finally my foot is now in the neutral position (after a horrible experience with a different Dr at the hospital for my last appointment on Friday - who didn’t read my clinical notes and thought I was further along the recovery stage and on a different non-conservative protocol and just about flipping snapped my achilles again!!!! thank goodness i screamed and he stopped and listened to me when I finally argued that I couldn’t walk on it without the boot or crutches and I wasnt about to try as I have only just figure out how to walk in the boot without the crutches!!!!! - Also He didnt know the protocol I was on (7 different consultants at hosp so 7 different protocols) so I (ME) had to explain it to him whose I was on and what that was…thank goodness I had a copy on my phone with me….then he couldn’t answer some simple questions for me eg when and where does physio begin…..anyways I have also just finished officially complaining in an assertive way…just incase someone has a similar experience but worse of a result….

So the exciting small thing i hear you ask is?
WELL…I can now wear my skinny jeans…I know that is not much but before I couldn’t quite get my foot flexed enough to get into them in the leg but today I can…YAY i can wear something other than shorts and trackies and the jeans fit inside the boot as my other jeans cant fit over…and the blessing is that the jean leg goes inside the boot so you cant tell that my miscle in my calf is GONE and the skinny jean now looks like baggy jeans on one calf and on my right leg it is nice and tight…..

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  1. torngoalson 27 Apr 2013 at 3:37 PM 1

    Oh the joys of little accomplishments….Jo you made me smile…I’ve put on a few pounds in all this immobility….but I will definitely get back into my skinny jeans again and I don’t know about you but getting into skinny jeans just make you feel good period….even if you have to stuff one leg into a ATR boot. Thumbs up for the accomplishment!

  2. joauer77on 27 Apr 2013 at 11:49 PM 2

    Hi Peg
    Thanks for the encouragement! yes Skinny Jeans do make you feel good period!
    I have never been able to fit them until last winter so am happy that I can still fit them now but it is a mish trying not to gain weight while not being as active as before my ATR but knowing that once I am fully able to again be able to get into what I can do exercise wise I will have a new determination and appreciation of what I could do before and strive to get there again and beyond.

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