Mar 25 2013


Yay I can officially FWB with crutches…..

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SO yesterday I began my first day of FWB…..well give a girl a bit of rope and no matter how long or short it is I WILL get every cm out of it I can….Oh the lessons I am learning on this journey!

A bit too much maybe well Im not too sure all I did was have my foot down a little bit more than usual (gravity involved) and use it a bit more so I guess with the ankle and heel not being used much only for PWB for past two weeks got a real SHOCK yesterday poor wee things!

So the ice came out last night AGAIN and I suspect that therapy-ice-elevation-repeat will be the norm for the next little while?

Off to my GP today for him to either clear me for driving or extend the med cert for the taxi for the kids to get to and from school…hoping he will say I can drive but then where am I going to drive to as it not like I can go for a hike or anything like that? I guess to take the kids to and from school will be the start! oh the blessings of small things!

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