Mar 25 2013


OK Frustration just hit new high!

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Seriously why is that people decide or suggest what they think you might like “to do” during this time of reflection and recovery……some of us chicks (and guys) are NOT knitters, scrapbookers, sewers etc….or have been soooo busy that we have put these things on hold and would just jump at the chance to have time to pick them back up again….NO my hobbies are the outdoors, sport, people, you know things that actually require a working achilles tendon…I wonder has a knitter actually done an ATR while knitting (there probably in a random person out there who has and for that I apologise) and I wouldn’t wish this injury upon anyone……I know people are being nice and sympathetic and trying to offer advice etc BUT seriously some people just don’t know ME!
SO I have just begged my husband to bring me home the free tickets that have been sitting on his desk at his work for the stockcars that are on this easter weekend…..lovely hubby that he is he thought I’d like to watch dvds all weekend with him!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO I want to get out of these four walls and brave the summer cold (eg put on a jacket) hobble on the crutches, get in the lift into the stadium, smell the fumes, wear the ear muffs, watch the crashes and feel apart of society that I know is out beyond this home of ours…ahhhh feel better that is out :)

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  1. ryanbon 25 Mar 2013 at 7:16 PM 1

    During my 2nd week post-op, a neighbor drug me out and let me blast away at random targets with his AR-15. That had to be about the best frustration outlet that I can think of. Here’s a pic from the day (I’m all wrapped up in my splint, with swollen purple toes):

  2. joauer77on 25 Mar 2013 at 8:02 PM 2

    oh that is awesome frustration outlet!!!!!!!

  3. jdrgon 25 Mar 2013 at 9:50 PM 3

    Hard to top that as a frustration outlet Ryan and I feel your pain joauer77. I have numerous girlfriends who I love dearly, but who also all think it’s high time I learned to knit! Not going to happen anytime soon. I’m also a librarian and it’s astounding the number of times people will tell you what to read at a time like this. I know they all mean well, but really? I’m a librarian. I can choose books just fine thanks. Don’t need two Achilles for that one. Wishing you a satisfying outlet soon! My current favs are painting and kayaking, maybe especially because nobody told me to… :) Good luck!

  4. joauer77on 25 Mar 2013 at 11:07 PM 4

    Jdrg….question I love kayaking have 3 (two sit ons for kids to learn and mine a sit in)…um how do I kayak with moonboot? it will be one outlet once I’m out off moonboot as I cant get boot in the kayak!!!!! as soon as i read your rely I went into garage and tried sitting in it lol it was so funny me trying to get me and my boot in it! if id tried it in the water id have capsized…i was in hysterics!!!!

  5. ryanbon 25 Mar 2013 at 11:27 PM 5

    I did a bunch of (sit in) Kayaking during the boot phase.

    Keep in mind, during my time with the boot- I spent most of my time out of it. Sitting on the sofa watching TV- I always had my foot free- gently moving it around. While at work, I’d often take the boot off while at my desk. I really only put it on when I had to be mobile; for protection.

    In the Kayak- I just took the boot off. My foot was still very tender- and getting comfortable in there was a bit of a challenge. I ended up folding up some big beach towels- making a big soft pad my (boot free) foot could rest on. Sometimes I’d even get my toes onto the internal foot peg, but I didn’t really put any pressure on it.

    This was a 2 person operation. My wife would help me get in and out of the boat. Starting out, I’d get in with the boot off, and only take it off when I was about settled. Later, as I got more confident, and figured it out a bit better, I’d take the boot off just before I slid off the dock into the boat.

    There’s a picture you’ll appreciate here:

  6. Lisaon 26 Mar 2013 at 2:43 AM 6

    Hmm…I don’t even get “suggestions”. I get a lot of “you need to rest and not do anything” (whenever I try to do anything that doesn’t involve resting). From loves ones. But from acquaintances, I get, “I’ll bet you can really empathize with people who are permanently disabled now” as if a) I had no empathy in the past and b) you really need to experience any bad thing to empathize.

  7. andrew1971on 26 Mar 2013 at 6:05 AM 7

    It is the darkest period of the recovery process, the more ‘outdoorsie’ the individual, the more frustrating it seems to be.

    You will find many varied coping mechanisms by reading the blogs here….people whose ATR’s are now just an event that happened in the ‘not too distant’ past have taken the time to share their experiences.

    I just accepted it for what it was and tried to work within my new parameters - mostly because I no longer felt immortal and was overly wary of the situation I was in…..that and I had Olympics, Wimbledon and Euro Soccer to keep me going :)

    Reading all those blogs (and there’s some great story tellers that have shared their experiences) was something that helped me gain clarity and perspective in times where I needed both and had neither……some people got knee scooters/crutches to enable some mobility around the house, some used other means of transport to get around.

    It’s all different strokes for different folks but maybe this will be the starting point for you too?

    Good luck with those frustrations and I wish you happy healing.


  8. kkirkon 26 Mar 2013 at 10:50 AM 8

    I think all of us went through the same frustrations and had to find our own ways to cope. Once you are complete FWB (no crutches at all) it gets immensely better. So I suspect that you will see an improvement very soon, the next (7-14) days, maybe sooner.

    Duringm my first 6 weesks (my NWB days) I still have able to crutch around at the kids soccer games, fished at the river, took the kids on a few bike rides with my scooter, see pics. There were times I got frustrated, and would call a friend to go out to the park, or eat, just to get out of the house. Even today I still am not 100% and there are things I cant do, but that is ok.

    After I ditched the crutches I began hiking, taking walks, going to basketball games, going back to work, etc. with my boot on I felt much better and I still see improvement weekly. I say go to the races it will be good for your soul and fun.

    Good luck with all your frustrations, although I know relief is just around the corner.

  9. jdrgon 26 Mar 2013 at 12:04 PM 9

    Oh gosh. Well at least you got some comic relief?!? An ab workout maybe?

    I’m not as hard core as Ryan, or likely as you for that matter. The kayak I’m using is a bit of a tub compared with most. It’s very stable in ocean waves and has a pretty big opening - I could sit one of my kids in front of me when they were toddlers - so I can just leave the boot on. A bit awkward for sure but doable. Like Ryan, getting the boat to the water and climbing in/out is a 2 person activity. Making my way down a rocky beach with crutches is extreme enough for me at the moment. The rain has been so relentless these past months, it just feels so great to be outside in some sunshine!! Chilly but great. Here’s hoping the weather in NZ will permit you some time outside the house, earmuffs and all.

  10. Ripraproaron 26 Mar 2013 at 12:44 PM 10

    Hi jo
    I’m a bit mid way than Bryan, I use the inner of the boot so it’s in position I.e wedged and then tape it , so u could do this and ave boot waiting at the side for when u get out

  11. Jackon 26 Mar 2013 at 2:46 PM 11

    I see the words “frustration” “coping” “NWB” and DING DING DING the light goes off. 2nd week of sitting around with the cast on, but I’m trying to do some things other than sticking my face into my laptop or in front of the TV
    Reading helps - NOT TURNING THE TV ON works wonders too! Having music on is also a tremendous help too.
    I’ve started sorting out / organizing / trashing the pile of crap in the upstairs “office” room.
    Thankfully I can drive - but have no desire to go out shopping or hobbling around with crutches for long distances. I was able to go visit some friends in Williamsburg on Saturday - felt GREAT to get out of the house and sit around in someone else’s
    house for awhile.

  12. bilateralbummeron 27 Mar 2013 at 3:11 PM 12

    I had a bilateral rupture (both achilles) and had to rely on others to do almost everything. I went from working out 6 days a week and hunting all the time to being bedridden and going for a car ride maybe 2x per week. The rest of the time I was basically alone in a 1 bedroom house with my dog and cat. I did the best I could during each moment. Took it one day at a time. My friend loaned me a pair of 40lb dumbells and I would do everything I could with those. I would even transfer to a bench and do bench press and flyes with them. People took me places at first, but then they realized that it was a hassle to deal with me and my wheelchair and dealt with me as little as possible. If I had one good leg I would have been all over the place. As it was, all I had was a cell phone, cable tv, a computer, dumbells, a wheelchair and some pets to keep me company. I would get in the chair and motor around the circular driveway to get out. This was my new “temporary” life and I just had to accept it, make the most of what I had, be appreciative that I had friends who let me stay in a place that was wheelchair accessible, people who fed me, people who “helped” me with my portable toilet and ultimately try and make progress (ever so slight) each day. Working out and getting on the Airdyne bicycle would wear me out and kind of calm me down, but it was still difficult. You have to remember that you have a serious injury and take baby steps……pardon the pun.

  13. joauer77on 31 Mar 2013 at 10:05 PM 13

    Oh I love this site!!!!!
    So Just a quick update
    I DID go to the races…. planned on originally taking hubby and our two sons and daughter and meeting friends there…in the end took our daughter with me, we went and hour earlier so we could get a park close and meet our friends there…it was FANTASTIC to get out…I took extra pain meds as having foot down in cold for that long and crutchering that far figured I might need them (and yes I did) BUT I just did it and spent all of sunday in bed and on the couch getting over it and I loved it !!!!!!
    Hubby wasnt impresssed but I had had a night out that I had enjoyed! YAY ME

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