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Post 1 - changed life pace!

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So 24 days ago I was playing indoor netball and did a complete Rupture on my left achilles!

My current way of life ended right there and then on that court! All I could think of at the time in between the pain and the shock setting in was how am I going to get through this? How is our family going to get through this? All these questions!

I’m blessed to be a stay at home mum to 3 school aged kids…kids who are actively involved in afterschool activities and sport…just as much as there mother is!

I was at the time coaching and playing volleyball (my first love of sport) and also going into schools and teaching kids the volleyball skills voluntairly while mine were at school. I play netball (NEVER AGAIN) and am into anything that is an adventure..white water rafting, kayaking, Ive just recently begun doing triathlons and also had signed up to the Half Ironman later this year.

ALL of it I have had to completely stop!  Going from non stop to a complete stop was the a terrifying thing yet in a way I can see an upside to this (making me appreciate the simpler things in life and also how much I was doing that I thought was important but wasn’t really.


Here in Palmy NZ only way of surgery is for reruptures! (which the ortho consultant said could happen once I am out of moonboot at week 12….not reassuring at all so I said I gave it all to him but there was no way he or any of the other surgeons were budging.

so MY treatment is 2 weeks cast and 7 weeks moon boot (moonboot with wedges being decreased every 2 weeks crutches all the time PWB from week 2 and FWB at week 4 onwards (or when I feel it ok).  I am currently 3.5 weeks and am only just beginning to PWB confidently if that makes any sense….Moonboot off only for showering and man do I feel vulnerable in there cant wait to have the boot back on yet I loathe the thing especially in bed it is so uncomfortable! at least i can undo straps a bit to ease the pressure off the foot from swelling.   Foot to be elevated when not crutchering

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  1. georgiemacon 17 Mar 2013 at 9:44 PM 1

    So they said no surgery? It is interesting that your recovery time is around the same as mine with surgery! I wasn’t offered anything but surgery!

    I hope this hasn’t thrown out you and your kids lives too much and that they are helping you out as much as they can!

    I’m not a very athletic person, just going to the gym each week and swimming. I had intended on doing the City to Surf this year but I feel like this ordeal will make me less likely to want to run… ever.

  2. joauer77on 17 Mar 2013 at 10:54 PM 2

    @ georgiemac I so understand the reluctance of ever wanting to do something physical again I wonder if it is where I am on the recovery road I would love to play volleyball again but at the mo I have decided to take one day at a time and not look too far ahead in the future at the mo as it messes with my head big time….I thought PMS was bad enough lol

    Yeah the DR was saying surgery wasnt going to quicken my recovery…I was trying to explain I didn;t want surgery due to that I preferred it knowing my tendons were aligning and healing in the right place to begin with but there was no way.. He did day they would only offer suregry for a rerupture.

    I was given a pamplet to take home which outlined my treatment and recovery protocol but when it mentions PWB does that mean trying to walk while crutchering or just for a bit of balance and then when I progress onto FWB does that mean walking on it with crutches or just like standing? dont see DR until week 7 when all wedges are out of boot only see the orthotic dude just so frustrating!

    It has been a total overhaul and change in our family kids and hubby have picked up everything as we have no family here where we live which is islotaing…amazing which friends come out of the closet to help and which ones back off…thats been one of the hard parts really.
    ACC is paying for our kids to be driven to and from school which is a blessing too

    I have also discovered that my bra and pants carry lots….someone suggest a chair on wheels so that is getting dropped off today for me to borrow and whiz around in the kitchen as I have found the hardest is carrying things while crutchering and then standing at sink for too long like 10 mins in one spot as foot swells and other leg, oh the poor leg!
    and pop on tops for thermo mugs are a no go for coffeee….all down shorts and in cast in week 1 which was not a pretty sight or mess to clean up! screw on lid ones at the bomb :)
    And a backpack!

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  3. normofthenorthon 18 Mar 2013 at 12:27 AM 3

    NZ may be the most fiercely non-op — even anti-op — jurisdiction I’ve heard of. It’s the home of a landmark 2007 study by Twaddle et al showing equivalent (or a tiny smidge BETTER) results from aggressive non-op compared to surgery. I’m pretty pro-non-op myself, but I’m also pro-choice, with informed consent.
    You mention being out of the boot at week 12, but you’ll be out at week 9, right? The risk of rerupture fades strongly starting around 12 weeks in, so maybe that’s the source of the 12. I’ve never had the chance to compare Twaddle’s precise results with those from the 2010 UWO study. The protocols are similar but not identical, so it would be interesting if the rests differed significantly. Mind you, they weren’t officially competing against each other, but both competing non-op against surgery. Still, if one produced better absolute results than the other, we should probably be following that protocol until something better comes along…

  4. normofthenorthon 18 Mar 2013 at 12:30 AM 4

    Make that “it would be interesting if the RESULTS differed significantly.”
    In your Dashboard Options, there’s a setting for AJAX Editing. If you turn it on (e.g. For 15 minutes), we’ll all be able to fix our typos here.

  5. jdrgon 18 Mar 2013 at 1:51 PM 5

    Welcome to the group (unfortunately). Our stories are somewhat similar. It sounds like you ruptured nearly the same time that I did. I am also a mom of three busy, active kids and I had a complete rupture of the left Achilles (which means I’m sooo thankful I can still drive them around). Like you, I am on the non-op path and currently in a moonboot. I hope you find loads of comfort bring part of this blog community. I know it’s definitely been a reassuring place for me to get a little more info or to feel that my experience(s), feelings, heel burns, calf twinges, etc. are similar to what others have gone through. Best wishes for your recovery.

  6. kkirkon 18 Mar 2013 at 2:20 PM 6

    Welcome to Achillesblog. I had to go the Op-route because of the delay from injury to surgery, but knew the issue surrounding young and active kids. I’m a single-dad and had to set up a car pool system for about two months. You will figure everything out in time and it won’t be as hard as you believe it will be right now. Good luck with your recovery and happy healing.

  7. joauer77on 18 Mar 2013 at 9:36 PM 7

    hi yes sorry I will be out of moonboot week 9-10 (depending on apt) and off crutches week 12ish

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  8. joauer77on 18 Mar 2013 at 9:38 PM 8

    thanks it is a great comfort to realise that im not alone in all of this and there are pople out there who are going or have been through this and come out the other side! yay :)
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  9. normofthenorthon 18 Mar 2013 at 11:11 PM 9

    12 weeks on crutches sounds much slower than Twaddle-et-al’s fast and very successful non-op schedule. We’ve had a few NZers/Kiwis here who’ve gone non-op and done very well, but I don’t think they went that slow. Bronny was the first I recall, but there have been another handful since I stared here. Maybe one of them can give you some NZ-specific advice. I got a copy of Twaddle’s protocol, which I may be able to locate and post here for you. (It MIGHT be on .)

    Going non-op not only shouldn’t slow rhe recovery from an ATR, it MUSTn’t!! Because the results from a fast non-op rehab are virtually identical to post-op (w/o some scars and comp. risks), but the results from a slow non-op rhab are significantly worse. Some slow docs still like to go slow “just to be safe”, but they have it backwards and are doing harm, according to the evidence (including a good meta-study from about a year ago).

  10. joauer77on 18 Mar 2013 at 11:33 PM 10

    Hey Norm
    Just looked up theTwaddle schedule and it is very similar in the first 6 weeks mine is minus the exercises (not been told about them at all but have been doing them with no stretching anyways when the boot is off for showering.
    I am not referred to physio until week 6 so guessing until I get put through system it would be a week before I see therapist!
    mine is during weeks 9-12 I am too wean myself off the crutches in the 11-12 weeks mark.
    IT is really frustrating with all the different stuff out there that is conflicting and what really frustrates me the most is I am yet to meet my consultant! only see his registrars and co-workers cause he is in surgery! and just given a piece of paper to follow at home!

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