6 Week Post Op - TWO SHOES!!!!

So far:
Rupture 3/18
Surgery 3/25
Splint for 2 weeks post surgery
Boot for 4 weeks, NWB, gentle flexing for 30 minutes/day

Big day today! Doc had me bring my 2nd shoe to today’s appointment. The leg feels great, the incision is healing nicely, even the swelling has gone down considerably. All is right in the world. My wife’s been trying to keep my rather high expectations under control…to no avail. I went in to the appointment ready to toss the crutches and the boot under the nearest fast moving bus. Realistically, I was expecting to be working quickly towards FWB in the boot and some PT for ROM and strengthening my pathetic little leg. I was also holding out hope to get the ok to start PWB without the boot.

Now, post appointment, I’m on a very nervous Cloud Nine. Doc gave me the ok to shed the boot (wahoooo) and drop the crutches (bigger wahooooo!) when I’m comfortable. I’m to go back into the boot at the 1st sign of trouble. More freedom than I had expected. Luckily, my wife came into the appointment with me, otherwise I’m not sure she’d have believed it. No PT for 4 weeks. Doc isn’t a big fan of formal PT and wants to see how I do on my own. I did get the ok to ride my bike if it’s up on the trainer (time to dust it off).

I must say I’m a bit on the nervous side. This piece of driftwood that I used to call a foot feels awfully vulnerable hanging out all by itself…no boot, no flexibility, no muscle. It’s outrageous size from the swelling doesn’t provide much comfort either. C’est la vie. Today I’m one day and one shoe closer to being healthy again. Stay positive everyone, days like today are around the corner for all of you.

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  1. Wow - shoes in 6 weeks - that’s fantastic. My surgeon said something about a cast for 6 weeks in the brief time I saw him prior to surgery, and said that I would be weightbearing “sometime” - I hope I am on a similar program to you. It must be weird to have a free foot. I think it will be scary to trust that the first few steps won’t feel horrible. I can’t wait to bike again! I go for my first follow-up tomorrow, so should find out more details. Congratulations on your freedom -and as I’m sure your wife is saying - take it easy :-)

  2. Jmon - Great to hear your progress! Congrats on getting back into 2 shoes and taking another “step” forward. Take it slow as you start to walk again. Try to keep a normal gait as much as possible. It may be tough for awhile, but it will get better as you start to develop more strength.

  3. Congrats on the two shoes milestone! I’m 9 weeks and in the boot for another 2-3 weeks…but last night I was glad I was still in it. Walking across our wood floor a went to take a step with my bad foot and the boot slipped out (on some mashed bananas that my 1 year old had dropped on the floor)….I did a full split and put a lot of pressure on the calf/tendon area through the boot. Although I’m not 100% sure (and don’t want to test the theory), I have feeling I may have done some damage if I hadn’t been protected/immobiized with the boot. As it is, the tendon is a tad bit sore this morning, but seems intact and OK. I will mention it at my first PT appt tomorrow in case it is comprimised slightly. Oh…and maybe you don’t want to show your wife this comment :)

  4. Brendan - I’m sure it’s okay if it’s in the boot. I’ve heard of slipping on a banana peel, but mashed bananas??

  5. Thanks Johnskier…I think it’s OK as well, but definitely sore for the past 24 hours. It still fees very strong though, so I think I’m good. My 1 year old still only has 2 teeth, hence the mashed everything!

  6. Nice post.. I really like your writing skill. Thanks for sharing… :-)

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