Six weeks in…and about to start

I’m starting to understand why Dennis linked up an ATR recovery with the NYC marathon.

My injury was 3/18. At first I was frustrated to have to wait a week for surgery, which didn’t happen until 3/25. I felt like I was laying around the house waiting to start healing. That was lost week, because as far as I was concerned, my clock didn’t start ticking until surgery.

Now, post surgery, I’ve got the same feeling. There’s a very loud voice in my head telling me that I’m not making any progress until I can start ROM or strengthening exercises. My 6 week post op is Monday 5/5. Doc told me to bring a shoe with me, so I’m hopeful that I’m about to start something in the way of PT. I’m not a terribly patient person. This next year is gonna be TOUGH. I’m glad I stumbled across this site. Hearing more stories and warnings and encouraging progress is definitely a help. Good luck to all of you.

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  1. Jmon..

    Don’t listen to the loud voice..You are healing. If you want something to do, start exercising the other leg, there is research that supports strengthening the uninjured leg actually decreases the strength loss of the ATR leg. Also nutrition, read the blogs, and deny the voice in your head any satisfaction….LOL.

    Good luck

    Doc Ross

  2. hey jmon
    we snapped the tendon on the same day
    i was a little luckier and had the surgery on the 20th
    i agree with doc ross…
    this is my second tear (other foot) and you will be on your feet soon
    it will be stiff for a while but it gets better every day
    i hope to be swinging a club buy june……..
    good luck

  3. Hey Jmon,

    Welcome to living hell, only kidding.

    Hope your recovery comes along well and as Doc Ross has said positivity is the best foot forward with this injury.

    I was riding a bike 69 days after my injury, still in a cast as i didn’t have surgery, so continue to look forward and think positive !


  4. jmon - (reposting on your blog in case you miss the main site’s comment)

    I think it’s worth asking your doctor about self-massaging. I think Ross mentioned something about it and that it helps with adhesion. My PT mentioned that I should massage my scar as well as the general area after a hot bath.

    As for the PT, I think it’s been helpful for me. Tom has some good posts and comments regarding the benefits of PT for him. You might want to read about his experiences.

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