6 Week Post Op - TWO SHOES!!!!

So far:
Rupture 3/18
Surgery 3/25
Splint for 2 weeks post surgery
Boot for 4 weeks, NWB, gentle flexing for 30 minutes/day

Big day today! Doc had me bring my 2nd shoe to today’s appointment. The leg feels great, the incision is healing nicely, even the swelling has gone down considerably. All is right in the world. My wife’s been trying to keep my rather high expectations under control…to no avail. I went in to the appointment ready to toss the crutches and the boot under the nearest fast moving bus. Realistically, I was expecting to be working quickly towards FWB in the boot and some PT for ROM and strengthening my pathetic little leg. I was also holding out hope to get the ok to start PWB without the boot.

Now, post appointment, I’m on a very nervous Cloud Nine. Doc gave me the ok to shed the boot (wahoooo) and drop the crutches (bigger wahooooo!) when I’m comfortable. I’m to go back into the boot at the 1st sign of trouble. More freedom than I had expected. Luckily, my wife came into the appointment with me, otherwise I’m not sure she’d have believed it. No PT for 4 weeks. Doc isn’t a big fan of formal PT and wants to see how I do on my own. I did get the ok to ride my bike if it’s up on the trainer (time to dust it off).

I must say I’m a bit on the nervous side. This piece of driftwood that I used to call a foot feels awfully vulnerable hanging out all by itself…no boot, no flexibility, no muscle. It’s outrageous size from the swelling doesn’t provide much comfort either. C’est la vie. Today I’m one day and one shoe closer to being healthy again. Stay positive everyone, days like today are around the corner for all of you.

Six weeks in…and about to start

I’m starting to understand why Dennis linked up an ATR recovery with the NYC marathon.

My injury was 3/18. At first I was frustrated to have to wait a week for surgery, which didn’t happen until 3/25. I felt like I was laying around the house waiting to start healing. That was lost week, because as far as I was concerned, my clock didn’t start ticking until surgery.

Now, post surgery, I’ve got the same feeling. There’s a very loud voice in my head telling me that I’m not making any progress until I can start ROM or strengthening exercises. My 6 week post op is Monday 5/5. Doc told me to bring a shoe with me, so I’m hopeful that I’m about to start something in the way of PT. I’m not a terribly patient person. This next year is gonna be TOUGH. I’m glad I stumbled across this site. Hearing more stories and warnings and encouraging progress is definitely a help. Good luck to all of you.