5 weeks post op!

Today is 5 weeks post op!

I have not written in a while so I wanted to go ahead and get back on the horse, “so to speak”.

These last 5 weeks have been quite the eye opening experience and I cannot tell you how humbled I am by this injury. I hate to say that I am someone who takes things for granted, but something as simple as walking, well I had been taking it for granted everyday up until the injury, subconsciously.

 Your Achilles Tendon allows you to walk, and walking seems like such a GIVEN in the lives we all lead. This tendon is something that you depend on without knowing you are actually depending on it. My experience has already taught me that much, and I intend on sharing that with a host of others. Be thankful for your ACHILLES TENDON PEOPLE! Stretch it, ice it, soak it, massage it, and for goodness sake if it begins to hurt do not be stubborn and go get it looked by a doctor! Ok, I’m done preaching, well about that anyway!

Since the operation on 4/19  I have seen some considerable progression. When I first injured my achilles I was told time and time again that it would take up to 6 months minimum for me to be back to normal, but I didn’t want to believe it. Now I believe it, and trust me when I say that I pray that I am back to normal in six months! The reason I think i might be a bit longer in my recovery is because of what I found out last week in my 4 week post op appointment.

My surgeon explained to me exactly what he had seen once he opened me up. He told me it was “ugly” that I had certainly had a previous injury to my achilles and that it was never diagnosed or possibly overlooked. This made perfect sense to me considering I have been an athlete since the age of 4. Countless hours spent on the basketball court from rec league, to AAU, to high school, to Division III NCAA ball had run its course on my achilles. I dontknow the exact number, but would venture to guess I have severely sprained both ankles at least 8 times, with my right ankle having had the worst of them. I wouldn’t for one second trade in any of those experiences but if I could do it over I think I would have done more REHAB, before getting back on the court to soon. In addition to all the basketball, I have been a surfer since I can remember and do know for a fact that I have had a fin slash my leg up under my right calf. Needless to say, I have had some time to reflect on just how much my tendon has gone through and therefore been able to obtain some closure about the injury. If I could personify my tendon I think it would have said right before rupture, “Loren, chill out, I am beat up!”

(please excuse my rant, i’m just letting go)

BUT! I do have a young surgeon who in 12 years of repairing ruptured Achilles, has only had one re-rupture! He is being aggressive in my rehab, and I am weight bearing 50lbs this week on my injured foot, in the boot with a wedge of course. He wants me by ,June 8th at my next appt, walking into his office without crutches so that was exciting to hear. So this train is in motion, but moving ever so slowly. I just want to get back on the golf course!

Well, I think that’s it for today, so hope you enjoy the dialog and I’ll post something again soon!



6 Responses to “5 weeks post op!”

  1. Mrboro Says:

    Nice post! It certainly is a humbling experience….. Good luck to you

  2. Jodi Says:

    We are on almost the same timeline, my surgery was 4/17. At the time, I remember saying that I would walk again by Memorial Day - that was before I knew enough about this injury and recovery time! It is definitely a humbling experience and I appreciate your perspective!

    At my 2 week post op (4/30) my Dr. said that by the 6 week post op appt I may not need the crutches anymore. That appt is 6/5 and while I am PWB (awkwardly with the boot) I don’t think I’ll be sans crutches quite yet. I will begin PT after this visit which I am very excited for!

    Keep up the positive momentum, keep us posted and good luck with 6/8!!!!

  3. tate Says:

    I’m envious that your doctor is letting you put weight on it already. I had my surgery on 4/19 as well and he said no weight whatsoever until my 6 week follow-up next Tuesday. When you say weight bearing at 50 lbs is that an estimate of what you’re putting on it or was that your Doc’s instructions?

  4. gkraemer14 Says:

    Sorry I neglected your latest post for so long. Feel like I betrayed you. Ha! Glad to hear you’re doing well. When you get walking it seems as if it loosens up a little more each day so hang it there and keep up the good work.


  5. JS Says:

    Im pretty much on the same time line as you but started a few weeks later! I had my surgery 5/9, got the boot on 5/29 and am expected to be walking into the office sans crutches 6/19 for the start of PT! As of today im still a little scared to try to walk (which sounds so weird) but im getting there and so will you!

  6. skipper Says:

    I am just 7 weeks post surgery. My doctor finally put me in an aircast last week. I am walking pain free and without crutches. At home I take the aircast off and walk in bare feet. No pain but some stffness. My doctor wanted me non-weight bearing for 6 weeks. After researching and finding this sight I started walking with my cast at four weeks post surgery with the use of crutches. I had worn out the bottom of my cast at my six week checkup. Yesterday I did some gardening wearing a tennis shoe on the injured limb. I was very self conscious and careful and there was no pain. I have good range of motion but am some time away from standing on tip-toe on the injured leg. I have a trip scheduled for the Oregon Coast on July 9 and intend to be in tennis shoes and sandals.

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