Day 1 Post Op

Back on the Pain train!
this stuff is no joke! I am taking my med’s as prescribed and still i would rate my pain about a 7.5 on a scale of 0-10, 10 being unbearable…

it is coming in waves though, i will have a few minutes where its not bad, and be able to doze off to sleep, then out of nowhere it comes back with a vengeance, ha. Its almost comical.

happy healing to all of you!

Here are a couple of video updates; "the pain files", ha!


day 1 post op update


14 Responses to “Day 1 Post Op”

  1. gkraemer14 Says:

    Watched the video. You’re looking nice and alert. Ha! My doc put me on percoset as well and it wasn’t really doing the trick. Still, took two every four hours without fail and the pain subsided within about 3-4 days. Hang in there brutha. Keep us posted.

  2. Janus Says:

    Right. I also found the pain ridiculous the first day and half, and I’ve had fairly serious injuries before. But as gkraemer14 mentioned, after that first day or two, it starts to become BS — almost background noise. Just keep your leg elevated as much and as often as possible. Let other people if they’re willing do things for you. Give you the first ten days the best chance for the body to do its work.

    Be easy on yourself the first two weeks — and they’ll go quickly! All best.

  3. keghead11 Says:

    I remember feeling the same way post op but it will get better, hang in there. I am currently 3 weeks post op and feeling great, sure a pity party every now and then but no pain. And this too shall pass.

  4. ejames Says:

    Great video! I had to chuckle at how high up your foot was. Might as well stand on your head. Lol


  5. James Says:

    Hey Ejames, yeah man i was just trying to find that sweet spot where it would not bother me, and it happened to be way up in the air!

    thanks for the info also about the oxycodone, I really want to get off it tomorrow as i approach the 72 hour post operation point…i just hope the pain subsides enough to allow me to do that!


  6. ejames Says:

    You can try it gradually. I popped mine shooting hoops at la fitness. I thought someone crashed into my leg. I am 4 weeks out of surgery and feeling pretty strong considering. I’m a 41 yr old lineman so I opted for the surgery. I Have been full weight bearing for about a week with the boot. Shot pool yesterday and it got sore after a few hours into the 10th game. I know its pushing it a bit but it feels Ok. May 2nd is my next appt. With the doc and therepy will start right after. I will let you know how it turns out.


  7. James Says:

    Thats great to hear boss, I am 27, i hurt mine playing ball too. I am hoping that coming from an athletic/active background that i will heal a little bit quicker, have you tried playing an golf in the boot, only reason i ask is because i know that in a month i’m going to be itching to do so

  8. julia1994 Says:

    New here! I am 2 weeks post-op and went into a boot 10 days after surgery NWB… a full ATR. I ruptured it while doing gymnastics. Didn’t feel a thing but heard a loud pop and thought I put a whole in the floor. Next doctors visit is in 3 weeks . I want to know if I will start PWB? He said I should be fully recovered and back to full activity in four months? I hope so sounds fast compare to a few others but he said with my body being young and healthy its normal I am only 17.

  9. ejames Says:


    Doc will probably have you go 25% 1st week then 50% 2nd and fwb 3 weeks following your visit. I am pretty stubborn and hope it doesnt set me back. I went 50% 3 weeks after surgery to fwb 4th week. There are diff protocols so the best bet is to listen to the doc.


    I wont be trying golf anytime soon since its to tempting to dig in with the back foot (my right).
    All I have been doing basically is walking short distances and standing with boot, and light stretching.

  10. Brian Hamman Says:

    Hi James,
    Sounds like you and I are both on a rather accelerated rehab protocol after surgery. I was also PWB (in a cast) at just under 3 weeks, can step down at about 70% body weight right now, and am going into a boot tomorrow. Are you in a boot right now? If so, what kind of boot did they give you? I am supposed to get a Bledsoe boot tomorrow but am a little nervous about that kind of boot since it offers minimal protection again accidental dorsiflexion past neutral…

  11. starshep Says:


    I have an Ossur boot which looks very similar to the Bledsoe. As long as I keep the velcro straps firm, I’ve had no problem with accidental dorsiflexion past neutral. One thing I did notice is that at first it felt like a boat anchor around my leg despite being only 3 lbs.

  12. Brian Hamman Says:

    Thanks starshep. Btw, do you sleep in your Ossur but or do you take it off at night? I am dying to have a good night sleep without anything pushing on my lower right leg…. :)

  13. starshep Says:

    Your welcome Brian. Doctor said I gotta sleep in the booth so I do it. For some strange reason, it doesn’t seem to bother me while I sleep.

  14. Brian Hamman Says:

    Well, just got back from the doctor and turns out the physician’s assistant gave me incorrect info. The doctor wants me in a cast for another two weeks since I am “a revision” (meaning I had a 2nd surgery because of re-rupture) and my tear (and identical re-tear) is higher up the Achilles than normal (7.5 cm from the heal bone insertion site). So they cut off the old cast, pushed me to neutral (90 degrees) and fitted me with a new cast…”come back in two weeks”. Bummer! I am tempted to go somewhere else less conservative and get this cast cut off…

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