20 Weeks and the healing value of sloth, er … I mean rest

I’m 20 weeks post-op and seem to be recovering at about the same rate as most, with the frustrating consistency of inconsistent improvement.  But those of us 5 months into recovery know all about that.

Mind you I’m not complaining; I can walk without a limp (most of the time), laugh at stairs (bounding up and down) and rarely need to cool down my repaired bits at night. Do miss the routine of ice and bourbon though.

No rehab for a week, gasp!

Was forced to do no rehab for 7 days (except for elastic bands and wall stretching) due to a nasty intestinal malady. While I suppose other folks made of stronger stuff would have been more active, I’m not one of those people. A diet of rice, apples and countless trips to the comode is my excuse.

Now here’s the cool part, I’m walking and moving around much better than I was a week ago. The forced “recovery rest” apparently allowed my body to catch up to the work I’ve so diligently done since starting post-op rehab and exercise.

Athletes know rest is key to long term success, duh!

To any athlete this is an obvious phenomenon, rest is an essential element to an intelligent workout regime. Maybe not a forced whole body timeout for a week but certainly any weightlifter will tell you that muscle mass is built up in the rest/recovery phase of an effective workout plan.

And as a reasonably fit and active person I know all about this.  A good ATR recovery plan is not a 24/7 activity, most exercises are performed at most every other day whether it’s under the guidance of a physical therapist or self directed.

Given what I experienced then, should complete and periodic “stops” not be part of a long term ATR rehab plan? I have not seen anyone bring this issue up in our active little ATR clubhouse. I think the reason is we’re intensely focused to recover and the thought of not doing something active for a whole week is an anathema to “serious” recovery.

So follow recovery junkies, am I onto something or just rationalizing a week of sloth, the circumstances notwithstanding?

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