The day after the first PT session

December 15, 2011

Three days in 2 shoes, been adapting pretty well; Walking very slowly to insure best form possible. Starting to lose the silly walk, but that’s another blog post.

Had my first PT session yesterday, went through all the stuff other achillesblog members told me I would. Was not pushed much or so I thought. In fact I was walking better and with no discomfort in the hours following the session.

Thought this PT stuff would be a piece of cake. Hah!

Woke up this morning with muy sore calfs, both legs. Repaired tendon very sore, had I not been warned about this would have been freaked. Right foot felt like I had walked 10 miles barefoot through sand. Which in retrospect makes perfect sense, barely used it for nearly 3 months.

Once again entangled by hubris.

Now it’s off to my home PT exercises, humbled but not bowed!

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