Mama said there’d be days like this

December 2, 2011

Am finally FWB in a boot, no crutches. Had a very active day yesterday climbing stairs, lots of walking inside and out. By 6PM had significant swelling and pain at repaired tendon with tendonitus on my “good” leg. Spent the evening following RICE and it’s much better today. Expect this to be a pattern for a while, need to add a finger of bourbon to the treatment.

No pain no gain. Since I’m still in a boot there is not much of a chance of injury so will just keep clumping along. Using a .5″ lift in my other shoe to compensate for the height difference with the boot. Am taking care to walk normally without cheating so my gait is slow but don’t want to be limping 6 months from now.

I’m on a slow recovery path (9 weeks since surgery) but that’s OK since I can walk now, go to the gym and mostly be a biped again.

@ryanb Am following some of your advice regarding supplements, especially jello. Do about 5 packs a week, do you actually cook yours or drink it as a liquid?  Some people drink it straight but I’m not that good. Luckily I actually like the stuff although not a big fan of sugar-free but for now that’s what I use. I add 4 oz of fruit juice per pack to give it body and kill the taste of the artificial sweetener. You mentioned it has helped your hair, here’s hoping it will facilitate growth :)

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  • 1. ryanb  |  December 2nd, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    I cook it. I’ve taken to cooking up a weeks worth at a time, and chilling it individual containers.

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