Another great thing about sleep

November 25, 2011

I’ve discovered another great thing about sleep.  Every morning I’m walking better than the day before.  Is that cool or what!  Yeah I’m stating the obvious but it was not to me when I started walking in my boot 3 days ago.

I got the OK to start PWB  on Thanksgiving day and progress to FWB at a pace I’m comfortable with.  It’s been 8 weeks since surgery so my leg has been inactive for quite a while. After a few days I’m able to walk slowly without a crutch although do use it when outside.  I suppose waiting 8+ weeks before starting weight bearing does have some benefits.  Ankle flexibility is surprisingly good, it’s at zero degrees pretty easily.

I have no idea if this is appropriate progress or not but to me it’s wonderful having the use of my arms again.

During my NWB period I slept in the boot, which I hated.  Who’s comfortable sleeping with a high tech moon boot on a bunch of pillows?  I certainly was not.  Waking up in the morning was my own personal Ground Hog Day and like Bill Murray, I dreaded the the alarm knowing that today would be the same as yesterday, boot still attached.

Now waking up is great, no boot and walking better every day.  Of course the pace of recovery will soon become maddeningly slow but today I’m relishing the progression to becoming a fully functioning biped again.

Only things I’m not happy about are the popping sounds emanating from my cranky ankle and chronic knee soreness. But having not used the ankle or knee for 2 months that’s to be expected. Just have to remind myself that there is a lot of scar tissue to be broken up.  I’ve been through that before when rehabbing my knee 20 years ago. Ah the memories …

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  • 1. Stuart  |  November 26th, 2011 at 2:51 pm

    A good time to celebrate. Something to be thankful for. A good idea would be to get some glute exercises going. It will help with the walking and has become inactive over the last 8 weeks. Some deep massage around the tendon and entire ankle will also help with movement. Hope the next progression goes well.

  • 2. jjniss  |  November 26th, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    Thanks. Yeah, parts of me feel like a rusty hinge. But I’m 57 (tomorrow actually) so that comes with the territory. I’ve maintained some exercise discipline since about week two of recovery, mostly core and flexibility. Will incorporate your suggestions as I ramp up activity. Currently I gently massage the tendon when the boot is removed, will leave it to the professionals for anything more vigorous!

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