24 hours after surgery

September 28, 2011

Day one of recovery.  I’m  lounging in the den easy chair ruminating (through a drug induced pain med torpor) about how this injury will change things.  First a report on the surgery; the good news is the surgeon was able to repair and reattach the AT.  The bad news is the tear was at the tendon-calf muscle connection and the tendon was in his words, shredded in a manner he had never seen before.  And he has a lot of experience with this surgery, in addition to having suffered the same injury.

I’ve no illusions that my rehab will be long, everyone that has this type of injury is.  And, rehab and conditioning will be a life-long commitment, like it or not that is the reality of ATR’s.  Will I ever play tennis again, who knows?  And if so at what level or pace?  Running, back country hiking?  We’ll see.  I’m fiercely committed to restoring my body to the best functionality possible, at the very least to be able to navigate briskly throughout the day without giving thought to my leg.

Leg injuries are no stranger to me.  As a young sprite (8 yrs) I was on crutches for 9 months, I’ve had cartilage torn and repaired in both knees and the usual bangs and bruises of an active kid growing up in the 60’s (I’m 56).  What makes this injury different is the timing.  I’ve logged more years till now than I’ll log in the future.  Now there is a reality kick in the pants!  I’ve never appreciated time as much as I should have, and this event is certainly a life changing wakeup call.  Never really understood till now how one’s life can change in an instant.

See the doc next week for the first of what will be many medical/rehab appointments.  Had a dream last night of re-injuring my leg but I suppose that is not an uncommon fear.  Can’t let it overwhelm me but need to be realistic about what I can and can’t do and the pace of recovery.

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