Posted by: jimthejoiner | 19/04/2011

Hi everyone, I am new here and looking for info


i have recently gone throught an operation to lengthen my achilles tendon on my left leg and also had a steindler release done on the same foot in order to sort out some issues that i have had since early teenage years.

I got operation on the 10th of March and got NWB cast removed on the 4th of April and stitches taken out and a fibreglass refitted,given crutches back and told to put weight on my leg. Unsure of how much weight i was ment to put on leg i struggled away and 4days later i was walking without use of my crutches.

I was initially told that i would have this cast on for 6weeks but surgeon said at 4week post-op that i would only require it for 4weeks then have it removed and boot fitted for physio.

Can anyone tell me what the best exercises are for when i do get cast off and how best to look after myself as my local physio is not very good so i feel that i will end up doing everything myself with help from info i get online.

Many thanks,


(Aberdeenshire, Scotland)

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