Back on the Bike - 14 Weeks

May 31, 2012

So, I am approaching the 14 week mark now and it has been a while since I blogged, sorry for my absence and I hope everyone is doing well, I will be off the the main site to check on people after this.

Things are going okay, I have my first physio for 4 weeks tomorrow as she sent me away last time to work on my walking and to just regain confidence in my foot. Overall that has gone well, I have been driving to some nice places with my wife and kids at the weekend, doing plenty of walking and finally got rid of my limp (98% of the time) last week at 13 weeks. That is not easy, it is difficult to shift!

At the weekend I decided to try my bike, I have a CX bike with SPD pedals, first I tried with normal shoes and went round my village a few times, it was ‘okay’. Then, I spent some time staring at the soles of my SPD shoes thinking about moving the cleats backwards, but then my shoes would catch the wheel so I thought this would be more dangerous than leaving them where they were. Finally I juust threw them on and went round the village again. IT felt better than normal shoes and my foot felt much more stable and predictable. Luckily I have a pair of Northwave MTB shoes so they are quite comfy and have a Vibram sole, I think this helps. A couple of pointers for thos thinking about getting back on the bike.

  • Screw the spring tension right out on the ATR pedal
  • When setting off, which I do with my right (bad foot) on the pedal, start not clipped in with the pedal more tawards your heel, for a short instance all your weight is on your foot and it feels safer this way
  • Use your good foot to pull up and assist your bad foot in pushing down
  • Concentrate and look ahead for dogs and other hazards!
  • Remove both feet from the clips at junctions

Yesterday and today I have done the 11 mile round trip to work and back and each way takes about 5 minutes longer  but I quite enjoy my relaxed ride in. I do not have to go on any main roads as I have a disused railway line to ride to ride on, this is very useful.

Other news, I still get quite a swollen leg, ankle and foot every day by the evening time which returns to normal size while I sleep. This does not seem to be getting any better at this stage, did anyone else suffer from that out there at this stage??

Also, people think I am better now because I am driving, walking and cycling slowly, I have to reasure them that I am still not anywhere near back to normal yet. I think you have to have medical knowledge or have suffered an ATR to understand the implications!

Good luck to all, off to see how people re doing!

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  • 1. kimjax  |  May 31st, 2012 at 11:54

    Someone mentioned a combo compression and icing device a week ago - I wonder if that would help? It was pricey at $123 or so. Have you tried compression socks? Please post what works! Swelling is my nemesis with this injury.

  • 2. stalledminidriver  |  May 31st, 2012 at 18:46

    Glad to hear you are back on the bike again, I too tried it this weekend but I was nowhere near as ambitious as you. I cycled for a mere 3 miles, and yes, like you much slower than normal but it felt great. I think I’m walking with more of a limp than you but I recognise the comments about being recovered from others!

    Congratulations on the excellent progress :-)

  • 3. andrew1971  |  June 18th, 2012 at 16:59

    Hi - funny story,

    I took an enquiry for some products my company supplies from this blogger, it was not known to me at that time that this guy was recovering from an injury.

    7days into our discussions and recommendations I found myself in the ER (a&e) in the UK with, yes, you guessed it a cleanly ruptured AT.

    So a mix of commitment to my customers and being in a half drugged state of shock I sent my customers a memo explaining my problem.

    Jim could relate immediately and sent me the link to his blog, I have read this and others and I am so glad not to have to do this totally alone.

    Wishing you all hassle free and speedy healing.

    I intend to start my blog today…..the inconvenience is becoming frustrating now… so this i a good place to share.

  • 4. jimminyc  |  June 18th, 2012 at 17:59

    Andrew, good to hear from you and welcome to the ‘community’. I am glad that my simple request for a quote on an industrial peristaltic pump has lead you to this useful resource for ATR injuries!

    Look forward to reading your blog!


  • 5. andrew1971  |  June 19th, 2012 at 09:53

    I was able to start my blog today, it’s a non surgical repair so it’s going to be good to compare the two different methods and the associated recoveries.

    Thanks again J, I think this iwll help me stay sane over the coming months, looking forward to seeing your updates also.


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