Normality Brings Progress - 10 Weeks

May 7, 2012

Thursday night I decided to have my first evening out without my boot, someone was leaving at work and was going for a few beers and a curry, I set some simple rules for myself before leaving:

  • Don’t drink more than 3 pints
  • Don’t try to cross the road unless there is a big gap in traffic
  • Always (ALWAYS) look where I am walking
  • Don’t go too hot on the menu choice due to bed to toilet transit time!

It went well, and I enjoyed the freedom of having no boot in a social environment.

Saturday I decided to have a go at driving, my right foot being the injured one this has not been possible for me so far. I did a few laps of my local area then drove to the shops. It felt fine, but was hard work to begin with.

Yesterday I did some more driving and then 2 hours of gardening (Aircast back on for mowing the lawn) and yesterday evening I was really feeling like I may have done too much, my AT felt tight, my calf was hurting a bit and I had concerns. This morning however, my AT and ankle felt really good, a bit like your legs feel after a long bike ride, tired but well exercised.

So, I think that I have learnt from this weekend that it is okay to push, within limits, and in return you get rewarded with some progress, all be it fairly minor. Obviously this is a long road but every degree of ROM returning is a little step in the right direction. I drove today, 300% easier than Saturday, such a difference for 2 days.

My next goal is cycling (actually on a bike, rather than he physio exercise bike). I have this in my schedule for end of week 12.

Happy healing all.

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  • 1. kimjax  |  May 7th, 2012 at 22:52

    Did you drive for the first time at 10 weeks? Is it possible to drive earlier with boot on? Thx!

  • 2. jimminyc  |  May 8th, 2012 at 06:45

    Yes, for me driving was only possible (safe) at 10 weeks, this is beacause I only got rid of my very large Aircast boot at 8/9 weeks and needed to be able to apply enough pressure to emergency stop. Although I could have got in the car whenever I wanted, I guess my insurance company would have taken a dim view if I driven up the back of someone. I have a manual (stick shift) car though so need my left foot to be on the clutch while stoppiing, I guess if you had an auto box you could left foot break, and therefore only need your ATR foot to operate the ‘go’ pedal.

  • 3. stalledminidriver  |  May 13th, 2012 at 21:07

    Excellent news, well done :-)
    That is really encouraging and I’m looking forward to getting back on a bike sometime soon too although driving is definitely my biggest goal still. Not long now, I hope.

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