6 Weeks Post Op - Crutches

April 6, 2012

6 Weeks post op today, things are going okay. I had physio yesterday, my PT is pleased with my progress. On my last PT visit at 4.5 weeks I was told to start getting some more weight on the leg, this is easier said than done and is a scary prospect. So, I played with some weight transference and over last weekend I had some soreness around my AT, so I backed off for a few days.

My PT said that she might confiscate a crutch at yesterdays appointment if I had made no progress so Wednesday I did some 1 crutch walking around the office. The mental block that I had to overcome to put my weight on the leg was huge. In the end I was encouraged by my workmates at the office to give it a go with their assistance, and it went okay. Yesterday at my PT appointment I demonstrated my progress and requested another wedge out of my boot then did some walking in the gym with the bars, it felt okay.

Today, fed up with the weird feel of one crutch walking I tried some walking in the boot, and it feels good, no pains and although the pace is slow, it feels so great to be mobile without the sticks.

Vital statistics at this stage:

ROM: I can get to 5 degrees from flat with my leg straight and flat with leg flexed, side to side I can do about 15 degrees each way

CALF: It has not shrunk much but is a bit saggy, seated calf raises hurt my calf, but this feels good as it demonstrates a connection to my heal which is nice!

SWELLING: My toes and foot still have some swelling, my toes are about 20% bigger than my good toes.

SCAR: Dressing off now, it looks good, very narrow and a neat job. Finally I can have a bath, which feels amazing!! I will try to post a picture soon, need to find some instructions.

SLEEPING: I still sleep with the boot, tried without once, slept for 4 minutes before waking after flexing my foot in a panic, boot back on!!

I have some extra PT exercises which include stretching my knee as I am struggling to get it more mobile again, it gets better by the day though.

That is all for now, Happy Easter to all and more soon!

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  • 1. ericbabula  |  April 9th, 2012 at 12:23

    Sounds like you’re doing pretty good - congrats! I’m at 7 1/2 weeks post-op - have been in the boot w/o crutches for a couple weeks, now. The mental game just hasn’t been an issue w/ me. I guess I just don’t think about it. I stepped. If it hurt, I stopped doing that. If it didn’t hurt, I continued. I was sooooo mentally ready to get rid of the crutches, that I didn’t even think of not getting to FWB as soon as I could! Ugh! Those crutches!!

    Anyway, I still do keep the crutches around, at work. I’m FWB for pretty much everything. But, as you said, it’s pretty slow in the boot - just doesn’t allow you to move quickly. So, I keep the crutches handy, just in case the group wants to go outside to get something for lunch - much faster that way.

    Keep up the good work - we’re getting there!!! :)

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