4 Weeks Post Op - ROM

March 25, 2012

Here I am just over 4 weeks post op, my foot seems to be okay and is feeling more and more like my foot again. I don’t really have too much pain although it does swell up during my day at work but soon goes back down in the evening. I have been doing ROM exercises 3 or 4 times a day just to flex my foot ‘not into pain’ as my physio stated, it feels good and works well in the morning, not so well in the evening.

For all those out there who have been here before a question:

I can move my foot up to about 15 degrees (flexed down) through to around 35 degrees (flexed down). Getting to this point was easy but now I feel I am at a bit of a wall. I am not concerned as time is on my side but how quickly do people find their ROM returns from this point on, and what do they find helps it along the path to normal. I should state that I am not a very flexible person anyway, my good foot only flexes to about 10 degrees upwards so that is my goal.

I have physio this Tuesday, am hoping to lose a wedge from the boot and get some more weight over to my bad leg, both these things are listed on my protocol, although feel I will need to lose another wedge or two before I can FWB on my leg and walk okay. I have experimented with some more weight, feels okay apart from my 3″ heel!

Happy healing to all and hope all had a nice weekend. I had a nice few hours out and about at a local National Trust property, sat in the sun (22C here today) in the wonderful garden and watched my kids run around. I wanted to run with them but that might be some way off. I must say though that getting out and about felt great and watching the world go by was good enough for me!

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  • 1. pablomoses  |  March 25th, 2012 at 20:20

    I was/am still working on & gaining ROM through week 12…I’m just about as good as my other foot now I think you’ve got plenty of time - My pt told me that it should take awhile to get back to what the good foot is doing - better to not stretch it out too quickly…

    Good luck,

  • 2. Janus  |  March 26th, 2012 at 04:21

    pablomoses, thanks. Right now I’m splitting the distance tmie-wise between yourself and jimminyc. For ROM, my experience has also been some progress — then a seeming halt to progress — and then a bit more progress. Just tonight in fact I had small gain after what seemed a holding pattern. So I’ll keep carefully chipping away at it.

    jimminyc — I hear you. It’s not measurable results everyday, at least for me. But if I look at things on say a 10-day or bi-weekly schedule, the results are significant enough that I know progress is being made.

    All best.

  • 3. Paddy  |  March 26th, 2012 at 07:40


    I’m 5 months post-op, and at this point I’ve actually doing 2minute walk, 2minute runs for a total of 24 minutes 3x a week, at 5 mph on the treadmill. By 6 months post-op, I’ve been told that my tendon would be strong enough to run a full 25 minutes without pain or favoring one leg over the other.

    My point: At 1 month out, man, I sincerely would not believe my future self if it came back in time and told myself I’ll be able to do all that at 5 months.

    The yellow/red band exercises really helped in the long run. Start cycling, albeit slowly, if you have the trike style bicycle (where your feet is diagonal to the pedals). Also, seated heel raises are great too.

    Last bit, I didn’t care for measurements early on simply because I was lazy but it worked out anyway because you notice the progress and that just pushes you forward to keep working at it. It’ll feel slow at times, and you’d get lazy because you’re only human, but a lot of your inflexibility is due to trauma to the tendon - trauma from the rupture and ALSO from your repair.

    If you’re like me, you’ll lose the wedge at 1 month, lose the boot at 2 months, lose the discernible limp at 3 months, lose most of your restrictions on impact at 5 months and then work from there.

    Keep your head down and just keep working at it. Sorry if I droned on, bad habit to break. Good luck, man!

  • 4. stalledminidriver  |  March 28th, 2012 at 15:59

    Sounds as though it’s going really well for you and you should be fit for Le Mans. Excellent news!
    Good luck with the recovery and keep us up to date on your progress.

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