Posted by: jimbo | November 19, 2008

Removable Cast, Physio & my first full bath…

Monday i had my full cast removed and had it replaced with a removable cast and foot Shoe.

Still not the Airboot I was hoping for, but a marked improvement on the full cast!

It’s almost the same but split down one side and held together with velcro straps, the shoe is a bulky rubber sole that is strapped on to the bottom of the cast.(also removeable).

The Orthopedic sergeon was very happy with the repair and was happy at the strength of the AT.

After having my new and improved cast i walked (kind of) to the physio department at Northampton General.

I had some basic physio to see how much movement i had in the ankle area and how much movement i had of the AT.

I had a student Physio looking after me and she was very gentle and really didn’t put to much pressure on my leg when manipulating it, even though i felt she probably cound have done!

Now i do have private health care through my work so I have always intended to use this to fund some private Physio. My Ortho kindly filled out my referal and relevant forms to send back to the insurance company. However they won’t except the referal from the the ortho it has to come from my GP!!!! Even though i’ve never seen my GP about the injury! To my horror, i have to pay my GP £48 for him to fill out my form!

I think i will visit my GP more often now to get my moneys worth!

Anyway, my Private physio are happy to treat me even though my forms haven’t been sent back.

I had my first session with them yesterday and it was great! She manipulated my foot alot more and also got me to do some more indepth exercises. She even suggested that by next week i should be able to sit on an exercise bike and gently pedle with no resistance to slowly get my leg working and for all the redundant muscles to remember what they are supposed to do! She finished off the session with some ultrasound treatment aound my scar to help break up the scar tissue.

I left the physio last night feeling really confident and the leg feels great, back again on thursday - can’t wait!

I have also managed to have my first full bath and finally got to wash my left leg….. pure bliss!

I’m going to be in my removeable cast for 3 weeks, and I’m hoping to be in shoes by the end of the 3 weeks if not before!

I’ll probably post after each physio session, to keep my progress updated.





Jimbo, isn’t that first bath just about the best thing possible!!

That GP nonsense really annoys me, why should you have to pay £48 to the doctor when you are actually saving the NHS money, its ridiculous.

That removable cast looks great, not seen or heard of that before.

Take it easy

Wow, that cast really is cool. Never seen that before! Good luck with physio!

Ey up Jimbo,
Well done on your progress - I wonder why they didn’t give you a boot. It’s probably finance!! - after all the aircast does the same job. Another ATR suprise and a different way to treat it!.

I’m back to Kettering a week on Tuesday for hopefully a boot fitting


Hi Jimbo,
Where can I get a removeable cast? Did they goop it on and then cut it after it dried? Thanks and good luck!

Hi Jimbo,
Where can I get a removeable cast? Did they goop it on and then cut it after it dried? Thanks and good luck! Bill

Aww bone fracture is really very painfull and your private physio can help in this way of injury to minimize the pain also do some more indepth exercises. I have watched lots of healthy videos which are very interesting, helpful and motivating. I have collected lots of exercise ideas or tips on it which is every helpful. This is really a good webpage and I always learnt many things from your posts.

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