Happy to say, that this weekend I managed to play a full 90 minutes up front and had no reaction to my ATR.

I’ve been playing in Goal a fair bit, but being short on numbers this week I had to venture out on pitch.

The first 15 minutes i was concious not to push myself too much, but then a sniff of a goal meant I forgot all that happened a year ago and I suddenly exploded into action!!! No reaction and probably the boost(confidence) I needed. Alas I didn’t score, but hey I played the whole game and my Team won there first game of the season!

Also this week i received confirmation that I had got into next years London Marathon, so I’m now in full swing to train for that! I’m going to try and raise a bit of Money for Cancer Research along the way.

if anyone fancies sponsoring me you can do so on line at:


I’ll post now and again to keep you all updated on the marathon training :)



Posted by: jimbo | September 2, 2009

11 Months gone and New Season starts this weekend!

Well 11 months ago,  & 1 month into the football season I ruptured my Left achilles.

It’s now a few day’s until the new footy season starts, and I can’t wait!

Pre-season has gone really well, apart from an early pull that turned out to be nothing major.

If you’d have asked me 10 months ago if I’d be back playing this early I’d have thought you were mad, but here I am.

My only worry is not for my bad leg, but the good one! Every tighting of my right leg sends shivers down my spine! Probably just my mind playing tricks, but I make sure I fully warmed up and stretched.

Fingers crossed for a winning start on Sunday :)


*** Sod’s law, 10 minutes into final pre-season game i dislocate my finger taking a cross!!!!! Is my body telling me something? On the plus side If i’m not playing footy, I can spend more time with my little lad nathan :) *****

10mins into final pre-season game, and i go and dislocate my finger!!!

My Little Lad Nathan

My Little Lad Nathan

Posted by: jimbo | June 23, 2009

Sudden Pain at Footy Training

I’ve been slowly getting myself back to fitness and had started Pre-season training for my Sunday Footy Team.

Things have been going well, then 2 weeks ago I had a sudden pain in my achilles, similar to when I ruptured it, but without the sensation of being hit.

I stopped straight away, and went home to rest up and get some Ice on it.

The following morning I went to see my GP, who couldn’t tell me what I’d done so she refered me to a sports specialist.

The specialist could feel what he thought was a kink, my heart dropped - Please not a re rupture i thought. I still had power and was able to do a heal raise so the doctor decided on an MRI to make sure.

After an MRI Scan, I heard the great news that I hadn’t re-ruptured the tendon but i had strained it and broken down some scar tissue.

Now back in physio and having some more work on it! Still on course for the start of the season! Must be mad!


Posted by: jimbo | April 20, 2009

Back playing, Relegation and a New arrival

We’ll It’s been a month or so since my last update and Lots has happened since then ,Achilles wise and else where!

Firstly I’m now the very proud father of Baby Nathan, born on March 10th - 4 and a half weeks early…  He’s already keeping me and Mandy  on our  toes, with lots of nappy changing and Feeding going on.

Also the not so might Southampton, look set for div1 football next season L - Plus two of our players have suffered with ATR’s in during the course of the season.

Then to my Achilles….. We’ll I’ve been attending football training when I can, and I’m able to move around quite comfortably but the ankle joint is quite stiff through inactivity and my calf muscle is really weak and keeps cramping up if I push too hard, but other than that the Achilles is as strong as before!!! I’m able to do heal raises fairly well and although as I said I feel some tightness/Stiffness I feel realy mobile and no sign of a limp J

Last week I made a very brief substitute appearance in goal, albeit for just 3 mins at the end of the game….. I still kept a clean sheet J.

We’ve one game left this season and I may treat myself to another brief subs appearance in Goal, Something I hadn’t imagined I’d be doing when I heard that loud Pop back in October.

Next weekend is the London Marathon, which I should have been running in… So I’ve 365 days to now get myself fully fit for next years one.

Great to read up on everyones progress, hope all is well with you all and keep the faith,

All the best


Posted by: jimbo | February 20, 2009

19 weeks and back at Footy Training?!?!

Last week I had some surprising news from my Physio, after my session she advised me I had made excellent progress and didn’t need to return unless I had a set back!!! Great I though, I could just continue with my Gym work and stretching routines.

I thought I’d check with her about returning to sport (more importantly football) and even more suprisingly, she said I could start easing my way back in now. With the advise of making sure i’m phyisically fit before pushing myself.

So Thursday I made an appearence at Training and restricted myself to playing in Goal. I was plesently surprised how mobile i was although I was still concious of not pushing off to hard. The only twinge I felt was in my calf muscle - minimal activity since october.

I was wondering if anyone else has had similar experience of being able to return some what earlier than expected. I’d read that Aston Villa Defender Curtis Davies was back playing competative games 4 Months after his Rupture, but he’s a professional and 10 years my junior!

I’ll keep posting my progress, as I regain full fitness. Keep posative and set small goals, it’s worked well for me.





Posted by: jimbo | January 26, 2009

Long Time No Limp..

I haven’t posted for quite a while, but have been keeping tab’s on everyone’s updates.

I’ve been going to physio every week since December and I can feel the strength slowly coming back to my left leg.

I still hae no power in the leg and really should be spending more time down the gym to help the recovery.

I’ve not been as much as i’d like, but decorating the Nursery has taken priority!

I’ve enjoyed being able to get myself to footy on a Sunday, and I’m comfortable kicking a ball and doing keepy ups, but not quite ready to run :(

I’m finding i’m putting weight through my heel, which can get quite painful and my leg still swells if i’m up on it for any great length of time. The heel does feel really tight in the morning, but after stretching that soon eases.

I was chatting to a friend who is doing the London Marathon this year, and he gave me great encouragement as he Ruptured his Achilles 6 Years ago when he was 32 and he is able to run and play sports as well as he did before.

I’m itching to get back playing footy and to run, I’ll continue to take it day by day as I’m consious not to push it too hard.

All the best to everyone and there recoveries - keep the Faith



Posted by: jimbo | December 11, 2008

Last Hospital appointment, No Heel wedges and Driving!

Monday morning was my last appointment at the hospital, I sat waiting in the fractures clinic untill 11am to see one of the orthopedic consultants, not bad as my appointment was at 9.35am!!!

He was pleased with how the scar had healed but was surprised at how tight the achilles was, which was something the physio had mentioned the previous week.

I was able to return my crutches, and temporary cast - which was a great feeling!

I asked the the Doctor when I could return to Driving, and he said as long as I was able to an emergency stop then straight away. But he could see no problem with doing the emergency stop!

This was great news as I had only purchased my new car the week before the rupture, and only driven it 4 times! Although my wife didn’t share in my Joy as she hads had use of the car since then and become quite attatched to it!!

The Doctor also confirmed that i wouldn’t need to have anymore appointments at the hospital and to keep going to the physio.

That evening when Mandy came to pick me up from work, I attempted an emergency stop in the Car Park, which ent fine, so I drove home. My Leg ached quite a bit afterwards, but to be expected I supose!

My Walking has got loads better, but I still have heel wedges in my shoes, but my limp is nearly non exsistant!

Physio on tuesday went well, and she advised me to ditch the heel wedges now. I’ve been working out on the Stepper and Cycle at physio and I’ve noticed how unfit I’ve become. I’m allowed to go back to the Gym now so my physio has given me a list of exercises i can do safely. I’m looking forward to getting some resemblance of fitness back! It’s strange to think I should have been runing the London Marathoon in 4 months time!

The last 2 days have been my first with out heel wedges and I can definatley feel the difference, It’s almost like walking for the first time with the heel wedges! The achilles is just that little bit more strained, not painfully so, but enough for me to realise.

My new found mobility has given me some added confidence, so I’m going to my first Footy match next weekend - Saints Vs Forest, plus it meant I could get a ticket for The FA cup Tie against Moan Utd :)

I’ll update againt in a few weeks.




Posted by: jimbo | December 5, 2008

Back to Work & No more Boot…

Well I’ve been back to work this week, which has been great. I’m no longer a prisoner in my living room, there is  a world outside!

Felt slightly strange being back at work, alittle bit like your first day on the job all over again.

I was great to see my work colleagues and recieve the expected mickey taking as i hobbled around the office.

I’ve mainly been in trainers for the past week or so, only wearing my Boot when out in Public places.

I’ve been wearing my boot too and from work and my trainers in the office, and after my Physio session on Thursday I’ve now been told to ditch the boot all together - Scary!!! My boot has been my comfort blanket, it’s been there if I’ve felt uneasy on feet and there as support.

Having said that, I’m quite looking forward to testing my leg out in public now.

My walking’s not quite normal yet and I’m walking with a limp, My scar and achilles are still quite tight whickh is hindering my movement. More physio should easy that and after a good stretching session my movement is noticable smoother.

My ankle still swells abit after being down for some time ,but it’s getting better day by day.

I’m back into the hospital on Monday to see the Orthopedic surgeon, i think for my final check up and i’ll get some idea when i can start driving again…Taxi’s are cost me a fortune!

The only downer to this week is after 1 day back at work, i come down with man flu… not sure what’s worse my Ruptured achilles or Man Flu :)


Posted by: jimbo | November 28, 2008

Infection!?!?!? Doh!

So I was feeling ontop of the world, Physio was going well and I was able to wear my trainers for most of the day and get about the house without crutches.

I had a slight stumble which stretched out my achilles and after the initial scare I realised there was no pain and my movement had improved… Triump out of Tradegy maybe?

Last night I went to my 4th session of Physio, Sue got be going some light work on the Bike (No resistance) and also on the stepper. It was great to do a little bit of cardio work it’s been age’s and doesn’t my body know it!

My walking has improved no end, but Sue was concerned that i was unable to get any bend in my Left knee when walking. So She got me to try and walk with bent knees on the parrall bars, whiich I could do while supporting myself. I had one try at doing it unsupported but I felt something give alittle - which scared the hell out of me!

Sue worked on the scar area, but noticed that it ws extermely red, which it had been for a few days now.It may be  a slight infection or just some inflamation, so I’ve a course of anti-inflamitaries to take over the weekend and if it’s not any better by Tuesday she’ll refer me to the Dr’s to get some anti-biotics!


7 weeks 5 days - possible infection?!?!

Feeling the slight give last night has had a negative effect mentally on me though! Although I have no pain my walking has regressed back to where I was 2 weeks ago, I think because I’m scarred of re-rupture ( although highly unlikely).

I’m off to London on Sunday as It’s my Dad’s Bday. He’s a massive rock fan so we’re off to a gig at the Astoria. I’ll be wearing my removavle cast to be safe, but may only take one crutch!

Back to work Monday, at last :) - I’ll post again after Tuesday Physio





Posted by: jimbo | November 20, 2008

2nd Physio session & 2 shoes surely not!!!

Before my 2nd Physio


Tonight I went to my 2nd session of physio.

My Physio Sue is great, i’ve used her previously for minor Football related strains & sprains, but this is the first major injury I’ve had Physio for.

She is excellent at explaining the physiology of what she is doing and certainly doesn’t take any prisioners when trying to get me get some mobility back in my left leg.

She has explained that the whole left leg needs to be taught it’s ok to work again and it’s not just the achilles! My Calf, heel and toes all need to remeber what weight baring is like.

Tonight i’ve been on a wobble board, which i stand on and can rock forward,back & side to side. I do this while supporting myself on on some paralel bars. I was quite surprised how much movement i was able to get in my ankle. I’m not talking massive amounts, but compared to being completely immobile in the cast it felt like I could stand on tip toes!

Sue then worked on my scar, massaging the area around it to break down the scar tissue. She then manipulated the ankle, stretching out the achilles and getting some movement.

After a session of Ultra sound I felt really good.

To finish the session off, Sue asked me if i had two trainers with me, which i did in the car.

She then proceeded to get me to walk in two shoes (obviously with my crutches), I’m to wear my trainers occationally in the house to get my feet used to it. I was a little shocked because i wasn’t expecting to be anywhere near Shoes for weeks.

I know I’m still along way off walking unaided, but I’m happy with the progress so far.

Back next tuesday for some more, hopefully I’ll continue to see some improvemnets.







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