Hey everybody. long time since ive checked in. im happy to report that i have seen lot’s of progress. i am FWB and should be out of my boot shortly. i can’t tell you how relieved i am that the worst is behind me. i even began Physical Therapy this week and feel very strong considering how week i was only a few weeks ago.

i have a concern that i though i would ask about. i toss and turn at night when i sleep. last night when i turned over on my stomach i was woken up by a bit of pain and a popping noise that actually made me yell out loud as i woke up. it was a combination of the pain and the fear of a repupture that made me yell out loud. the pain went away as quick as it came. i woke up in the morning and was walking around just fine without any pain.

Has anyone else had this happen? should i be concerned? i left a message with my doctors secratery but unfortunately she usually isn’t too fast to respond to my messages.

hello all,

I’m happy to report my progress since my visit to my doctors this Monday. He took me out of my 1st hard cast and placed me into a walking cast. i wasn’t thrilled that i had to put on a second cast but i was excited/nervous when he said i can ditch the crutches and start walking.

Initially i was too scared to put any weight on my foot. it was only from reading another persons blog that i worked the courage to do so. i believe the blogger said it was a mental hurdle and once he/she overcame it then it was possible. Wednesday after i got home from work i just dropped the crutches and slowly made it to my bedroom from the front door. it’s a slow progress. i’m currently moving around like the walking dead but its progress.

has anyone else been cleared to walk by week 4 post op? i am concerned that i am moving too fast in the process. the last thing i want to do is re-rupture.

*** i wrote this post last week before my blog was set up. i will post week 4 shortly***

Hello all,
First I want to say how happy I am that I found this site. My Achilles tendon support group. I wish I would have found this site 3 weeks ago but that’s OK.

A little about myself. I am 30 years old and I am very active. I spend 4-6 days a week inside of a gym. I go┬áto new York sports club for weight training and title boxing for my cardio. I’m in great shape and have been an athlete all my life. So now my injury has left me devastated and obviously unable to do any type of activity .

My Achilles rupture occurred when I was playing flag football with a bunch of friends. I almost decided not to go. Too bad I didn’t just stay home that day. I made sure to warm up and stretch for about 15-20 min while we waiting for late arrivals. Maybe a half hour into the game I was on defense covering a receiver. We ran quickly to the right then quickly changed directions back to the left. When I changed directions I felt somebody kick me hard in the back of my foot which made me fall off of my feet. When I got up and looked around there was nobody behind me. I knew immediately that something was wrong. I couldn’t “walk it off” like I’ve done in the past. My hands were shaking and my foot throbbing. This wasn’t a feeling ive ever had before.

After 30 min of debating with myself I decided to go to the ER. I knew it was my Achilles by the time I got there. I knew the xray was going to be pointless as my leg wasn’t as swollen as it would be had it been an ankle break. I was given crutches and a referral to the orthopedic doctor the next day. Originally I had thought I may have strained, pulled, or at the very worse a minor tear. But to my surprise the doctor said it was a complete tear and we need to get into surgery in 2 days. I was horrified. I opted for surgery since it minimized the risk of re-rupture in the future.

Surgery itself wasn’t so bad. The next morning WAS! Once that block wore off I was in a lot of pain. I felt my muscles spasm and get tense. The pain killers were not helping. Fortunately my doctor prescribed me muscle relaxers. That helped big time. My next challenge was boredom and vulnerability. I couldn’t do a thing being stuck in bed. I caught up on all my TV shows, Netflix binged, and played some video games. But that got old real fast. I was counting down the days to my follow up appointment. Little did I know I was in for another treat when they removed the staples. Ouch!! Quick, but stung some. Anyway, I then got my cast placed on to start getting my foot in the right position. That’s currently the phase on I’m now.

I’ll be honest I’m getting frustrated and impatient already and it’s only been 3 weeks. I want this over ASAP. I order the vacocast pro Achilles that I saw on this website. It got great reviews. I should have by my next appointment next week. Hopefully the doctor will let me put that on instead of another cast to set my foot at a new position. If not I can always return it. (my fingers are crossed though). I’ll keep updating this blog as often as possible. I think it’ll help me vent out my frustrations during this long and arduous process. If this post was too long let me know. I had 3 weeks to catch up on though. My next posts won’t be as long.

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