Yes…it’s been awhile since my last post. Currently I’m walking relatively well…visually about 90%. I would have to say I was about 80% just last week. I still have some tenderness to the external scar, but more distally. I had my second follow-up with my OS on September 15. She asked a few questions(how’s it going?) and watched me stand, stand on the injured leg, observed my ROM and said great…see you in 8 weeks. As far as PT is concerned, I’ve stopped going since September 14. It may seem premature, but I’ve been doing the necessary exercises(with caution of course) on my own.

During the recovery, I noticed a few things. Initially, I was having difficulty walking down stairs. I felt a restriction in the anterior portion of the ankle. I found myself placing the injured foot further out on the step to ease this walking down stairs event. Now I’m able to walk down stairs with relative ease the normal way, although feeling mild tightness. During the first week of September, I also noticed that I was still having difficulty standing and balancing on the injured leg only. I realized that when I stood on the injured side, the my weight was going through the heel. When I shifted my weight towards the forefoot, I felt a discomfort in the soleus muscle…definitely a weakness. I figured this out when I was standing on the good leg. I noticed that my weight transfer was very well spread throughout the foot. After practicing the one-legged stand, it is definitely much better.

I do notice that after I’ve walked for longer periods of time, I’m feeling soreness at the distal region around the tendon as well as the adjacent sides. I’ve continued with my AT exercises, but not doing them through pain. The one thing, however, is that I’m still unable to do a one-legged heel lift on the injured side while standing. When I attempt this, I’ll feel a throb in the soleus and around the ankle. So for now, I’ve been continuing bilateral heel lift exercises 4-5 times a day. I’m hoping to be doing taekwondo by mid December.

Hopefully, I’ll have more encouraging progress to post later. I hope everyone else doing well. Don’t be discouraged if anyone’s experiencing a “plateau.” Just remember how you were when the injury occurred and just after surgery. I surely can’t complain.