Give it the boot?

So, 4 weeks to the day (almost the hour!) since ATR. Largely due to the inspiration I’ve found on here I’m walking around in the boot without using crutches. Not easy to walk well or quickly, no pain and mentally it feels like a step in the right direction. Monday took out the first wedge in the boot (although I was told to leave all five in for 2 weeks). Thanks largely to doug53’s story I can’t help thinking my body is much more capable than people would lead you to believe. To the point yesterday where I went to two shoes and hobbled around the house. Again no pain, no problems and it felt great. However, one of the battles is persuading everyone else this is a good thing to be doing. I get a lot of opinions from family and friends asking “should you be doing that?”, quickly followed up with advice like “you don’t want to risk re-rupture, that would be a disaster!”. Tomorrow I’m going to visit a Chiropractor/Physio really to see if I can get some solid advice on what I *really* can be doing rather than the standard of line that you can’t do anything. My official PT appointment isn’t for another 3 weeks and post-op follow-up from the boot another 2 weeks after that. Does walking without crutches mean I can move my status to FWB? I know this isn’t a race and you can’t rush these things but a huge part of me thinks (and feels) things can and should be moving much faster than the medical profession would have you believe.

Also achieved another milestone today by taking a stand-up shower!

Next tasks:
- get in the pool (ASAP!)
- start work on a static bike
- drive (tried driving an automatic with my shoes on but didn’t feel too confident with the pedal pressure)

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