Feb 20 2010

Post days 1-4

Published by jgigs

Got home from the hospital and went right to the couch.  My wife was already set up my “command” center:  Pillows for elevation, tray for water and blankets for warmth.  Laptop and reading materials if I felt up to it.  Mostly I wanted to put up my foot and sleep, but I was hungry at the same time.  She also made sure I didn’t move much and took the pain pills the first couple of days.

The block wore off sometime Friday night and I was never so glad to feel my toes as that moment right there.  I didn’t care that I was very aware of the pain.  The femoral block was just plain weird.  I gave up the pain pills on Saturday, never really worked.

The cast was so loose that I went in on day four for a new cast and a chance to see the incision.  Pretty wild looking, although my wife was grossed out by it.  Traded the glow in the dark cast for a blue one.  Also picked up the Roll-a-Bout for work.  I return on Tuesday (2-16-10),

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