Mar 16 2010

Random Thoughts

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I’m so very happy the cast is off, I truly enjoy freeing my leg for a few hours at a time.

I hate the air cast, I find that I can never quite get it adjusted correctly.

I enjoy real showers again, although the shower frightens me just a little.  Constantly paranoid I’m going to slip and re-injure myself.

Hating the blister on the outside of my ankle, sometimes it feels as if it hurts to the bone.

I enjoy the feel of the carpet on the bottom of my foot as gently rest it on the floor.  I have to occasionally remind myself not put my weight down on the bad foot.  I will walk without the air cast soon enough.

I realize the journey to recovery is unique to each person and if you aren’t part of the “club” you really don’t understand what this is like.

I’m grateful for this blog site and the ability to share in other people’s journeys as I make my way to recovery.

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Mar 10 2010

Feet are on the ground

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Well, at least one foot and one boot, but I must say it feels mighty nice to be Partial Weight Bearing.  First thing I did after getting back home, was take a shower.  A real shower, not one involving plastic covers, open shower curtains and leg hanging out of the tub.  Still using the chair, but that’s not really all that bad!

I’ve got the nice spaghetti leg calf going, but it’s not quite as bad as I thought.  Doc said I can do some very limited ROM for the next few weeks.  Says I’ll have to wear the boot for 6 weeks and in about 4 weeks I can start strength training.  He did say I could go swimming right away if I wanted.  Might have to give that a try!  Right now looking forward to the next step two weeks from now - losing the crutches.

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Mar 09 2010

Next Stop: Walking Boot?

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Well, I guess it’s just as well the cast is coming off tomorrow.  Elementary classrooms are really no place for NWB people recovering from Achilles tendon surgery.  I took yet another fall (that would be 3 now).  Didn’t really hurt myself and had nowhere near the sensations as I did a few weeks back.  I think I’m ready to start putting weight on my leg and begin the process of learning to walk again!

Off to the doctor in the morning then back home for a real shower.  I can’t wait.

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Mar 04 2010

Could be worse

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It has been four weeks since my injury, although I’m only 3 weeks post-op.  I am going a little stir crazy and longing to put my foot on the ground and shower like a normal person.  The cast sleeve I use is fine, but I still have to keep the leg draped over one side.

But when I start to feel down or bummed out, I just remind myself this is all temporary.  I remind myself of the next milestone in my treatment and go from there.  Right now that milestone is Wednesday March 10th.  Off with the cast and into the boot and PWB.

By the way, I just can’t believe how tired I am after work.  I have never been one to go to bed early, but by 9:30pm, I’m ready for bed!  Healing takes a lot of energy!

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Mar 01 2010

Crash, Bang, Pain

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Well it was bound to happen sometime and today it did.  My knee scooter has allowed me to get around the school/classroom and be somewhat normal.  The problem is it is a little wobbly, especially when I hit a bump.  Today I hit a marker or something on the ground, started tip to the left and instinct and reaction took over.  I started to stand up and brought my right leg down hard on the heel of the cast.  As soon as it hit I raised right up but knew it was a mistake.

Immediate jolt of pain up my leg, followed by tingling in my foot.  I was, to say the least a little freaked out.  I’m just glad the only sound that came out was ARGGGG and not a swear word or four.  Tried to keep myself propped up as much as I could the rest of the day and am sitting at home right now elevated.  Didn’t really feel anything after the initial jolt, but the mind does work overtime and play tricks.  I think all is well but then who really knows.

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Feb 27 2010

Sleep, Glorious Sleep

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I’m happy to report I’m virtually pain free right now, despite the fact this cast is tight around the ankle.  Since I don’t need to keep my leg elevated at all times (although I keep it up as much as possible just for comfort) I decided to give sleeping in the bed a chance.  I have to say the past three days have been the best sleep I’ve had since the surgery.  I hate my couch and think I might have to replace it when all of this is over!  Anyway I’m feeling better about things and am just keeping that next milestone in sight.  March 10th:  Move to the boot and 50% weight.

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Feb 24 2010

What does a Bulletin Board feel like?

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Today I found out the answer to that question.  Doctor pulled out the staples and everything looks good with the incision.  Back into a cast with a little more stretch in the tendon.  The cast is also about an inch lower than the previous one and wrapped very tight at the ankle.  They really don’t want me moving it right now.  I have to say I was not prepared for the amount of atrophy after two weeks.  While I’m quite aware atrophy is part of the game I some how thought is would take a little longer.  It appeared as is if my calf was already half it’s original size.

Doctor will move me to the boot in two weeks with 50% weight bearing.  Two weeks later no crutches and PT will start.

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Feb 22 2010

Back at it

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Well today I feel much better than last week.  I’m not really feeling any pain which I think is a good thing.  Nowhere as near as sore as last week.  Although the itching is starting to drive me crazy.  The only thing keeping me sane is I get the cast off for short time on Wednesday when the staples are taken out.  Then two more weeks in the cast.  Blech.

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Feb 21 2010

Funny feelings

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I think the incision is nearly healed because i’m starting to feel the need to scratch and scratch.  I will be so happy when the staples come out on Wednesday, although I will be right back in the cast.

I have since noticed something else and hope all is well.  As is to be expected, my legs are very stiff, especially my right leg.  I have been trying to stretch and extend them to help keep loose.  Last night my right calf contracted and I could actually feel the AT contract as well.   The Dr. said I should wiggle my toes but I don’t recall him saying anything about calf muscles and what I should feel in the leg at 10 days post op.

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Feb 20 2010

Here goes nothing

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This is my first blog so go easy on me!  When I first injured myself, I began searching for others with similar symptoms and pains.  After confirmation of the rupture, I found the blogs of others who had gone before and found solace in the fact everything I was experiencing was “normal.”  This is my chance to repay the favor and find an outlet for my frustrations while work to regain my mobility over the next few months.

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