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In the boot…..

So my first go round, they had me in a hinged boot in order to accomplish the angle….of course it is near impossible to walk and weight bear with this type of boot. This time (I am a recent re-rupture….top 4% of my class apparently!) in the bledsoe boot which seems designed correctly to allow walking when the time comes. 3 wedges…..is that typical?

Also, finally got to discuss the re-rup surgery face to face with the surgeon today. Honestly, left feeling worried since he mentioned I had alot of scar tissue that had to be cleaned out prior to getting down to the tendon material and the outer sheath (forget the name of it at the moment) sounded like it was it pretty poor shape. I did feel he repaired it to the best of his ability as well as reinforced with the FHL tendon, but I guess I am having some anxiety that it is not as “clean” and straight forward as I would have liked to have heard…..guess that’s to be expected when it is a re-rup and I had some adhesion issues as well. One thought I did have (after my wife got me to calm down from my “I will be crippled for life” tyraid) is that they don’t often get to see what it looks like afterwards, so maybe that is typical. My scar wasn’t bad before, now it’s a couple inches longer….so I know chicks dig scars - so longer would be better, right? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Advice to all….don’t take the “they wouldn’t have me do it if it wasn’t safe” approach. Trust me, round 1 is tough enough, round 2 is misery…..

Re-Rupture….have UWO protocol questions

Hi all. Came across this site and have enjoyed reading everyone’s trials with an ATR. The info I found so far has been valuable. A little background - intial rupture playing in a competitive basketball league, subsequent surgery and was almost 13 weeks post-op and doing well until phys therapist added light plyometrics (part of their protocol) and complete re-rupture occurred. It’s been a rough ride (moslty mentally/emotionally) since. Went to a specialist this round and opted for another surgery. FHL transplant was used for extra re-inforcement - haven’t read anywhere that it is the magic bullet, if anyone has had this done would like an account of the pros/cons experienced.
Right now I in the 2 week period waiting for the 1st follow up appt. which is in 3 days.
So this go around I going to be much more pro-active in the rehab protocol. I have become very focused on everything that was done intially and trying to eval if it was right/wrong and whether to repeat. Another re-rupture is not an option. Initial rehab was NWB for 6 weeks then more or less going right to aggressive ROM, 2-shoes, and strenghting/resistance. After reviewing multiple protocols found through this site, this protocol was crazy.
The logical approach of the UWO makes sense, but the devils in the details as I’m learning with this injury. So questions:
In the 2-4 week period:
PWB - what body wt% is typ?
Any advice on swelling treatment? First time used elevation/ice/compression socks….never did use heat. Was that a mistake?
What type of incision mobilization is done? Seems like it would need to be very gentle to not disturb repair and this stage. I had adhesion issues the first time, so interested in what others have done.
In the 6-8 week period:
Details of the graduated resistance exercises (mainly therabands?).
Other than the resistance exercises above, no other strengthening done?
Gait retraining with the boot on? Proprioceptive with boot on?
Fitness/cardio to include WBAT - with boot on?
Does treadmill walking not begin until fully out of the boot?

Sorry, this post wasn’t well organized (my boys provide quite the distraction!).



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