Plantar Fasciitis????

Turns out my "fire sot" is plantar fasciitis from everything contracting during the 11 weeks in a cast. Anyone else experience this? 

Thought it was nerve damage from surgery or something…

Hurts like a sunnuvabitch!! Hurts WORSE than anything with the Achilles, including surgery!

I’m OK in the boot, and through most of my morning, 10 minute walk in running shoes. Getting ouchy by 4 or 5 p.m. and by 6 (my evening stroll) the heel/foot now SCREAM if they even see the shoe. Can barely stand to even get the shoe on.


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  1. This is pretty common because your achilles and plantar fascia are very interrelated. Typically there are a few exercises and stretching does more than anything else to relieve pain, but since we aren’t allowed to heal long, we can’t stretch too much.
    If you roll the bottom of your foot on a tennis ball that’s on the ground it may help. If your ankle isn’t up to that try taking a golf ball in hand and rolling it that way. I say golf ball because your hand can’t put as much pressure but the golf ball will help with that since it’s not as friendly to your plantar fascia.
    I’m guessing there are other helps for this, but I’m new to the ATR side of it. Anyone else?

  2. Hi, I had severe PF on the (other) foot. You can imagine my gait pattern at the time!! first of all, is it definately PF. I had heel pain when the cast was taken off but it was a different kind of pain. The heel pain when the cast was taken off was more due to dissuse/wasting. I got a pair of crocs as per Norms advice and it disappeared within a few days. Crocs in the house and inserts with sketchers shape ups/fit flops or similar outdoors. With PF, the heel was painful to touch in a specific spot. It was like walking on glass. I had an ultrasound scan which showed thickening of the fascia - mine was around 50% thicker than the other side. I did the exercises religiously but I don’t know if they helped as I have nothing to compare it to. As I wasn’t wearing the boot on the PF side, I ended up with a splint called a strassburgh sock which really helped, more than the exercises in my case. I finally had an image guided steriod injection. Interestingly splints for PF prevent the foot from going into plantar flexion overnight so I think you really need to know if you definately do have plantar fasciitis rather than heel pain due to dissuse from the cast. A good biomechanical assessment of your gait pattern might be essential in case you have an underlying problem such as over pronation causing fallen arches which will need to be addressed. first things first - get yourself some crocs or similar with soft base asap. Hang in there. It will improve x

  3. March 25 I got out of the cast and into a walking boot. It does not have heel lifts. I can walk (indoors) all I want in the boot and 2x/day I come out of the boot and can walk in running shoes. The running shoe walk is igniting PF. the pain is NOT along the bottom of the foot, but (according to the GP) at the “trigger points’ and it is burning, searing, relentless pain. It does not improve with exercise. The more I try to roll my foot and use it correctly–the worse the pain gets. Again the pain is in the SAME foot as the Achilles injury.

    When it is really ignited it will hurt to touch the two spots involved. One is on the inside, below the ankle bone, where the soft tissue meet the foot sole. This is the spot that screams the loudest. The other is on the outside, below the ankle and an inch forward–again where the soft tissue meets the foot sole. The resting pain is on not on the bottom at all, but is made much worse weight bearing. When it gets good and mad, the pain is on the bottom of the foot just below those side spots.

    Obviously the Achilles rehab is the main goal here, so I can’t just *stop* and rest and I am supposed to be stretching all the tendons, ligaments, etc. Ice helps some with the pain, but I can’t tell Advil (800 mg 3x/day) is doing anything except tearing up my stomach.

  4. 21/2 years ago, I ruptured both Achilles at the same time and when I came out of the boots, I had severe PF and also heel pain that felt like a bruise. I took to wearing crocs, birkenstocks and orthotics religiously indoors and out. It took awhile, and although my feet do get fatigued after awhile, I virtually no longer have the foot pain.

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  6. Thank you for your kind comments. I have just published another update and will have yet another on Monday.

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  7. Thank you for the suggestion! I switched to crocs and it did seem to help. Now I have 3 pair of shoes that I rotate through including crocs, depending upon the Foot Humor at that moment.

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  9. Hi! How are you doing now? Does it still hurt? I had plantar fasciitis about 2 years ago and indeed, it was really painful. I had stem cell treatment with my ortho surgeon, who specializes in sports injury, Dr Purita, and it went well. I said bye bye to pain 3 weeks after my last session and I went back to running again after that…

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