Next 2 Weeks “Booted”

The Next 2 Weeks “Booted”

April 1 – 14


Well, I figured out what the “fire spots” are on my foot! Plantar fasciitis!

March 25 I got out of the cast and into a walking boot. It does not have heel lifts. I can walk (indoors) all I want in the boot and 2x/day I come out of the boot and can walk in running shoes. Start with 5 minutes of “Shoe Walking” (as I call it) and progress to 15 min by April 15th . The running shoe walk is igniting PF. The pain is NOT along the bottom of the foot, but (according to the GP) at the "trigger points’ and it is burning, searing, relentless pain. It does not improve with exercise. The more I try to roll my foot and use it correctly–the worse the pain gets. Again the pain is in the SAME foot as the Achilles injury.

When it is really ignited it will hurt to touch the two spots involved. One is on the inside, below the ankle bone, where the soft tissue meets the foot sole. This is the spot that screams the loudest. The other is on the outside, below the ankle and an inch forward–again where the soft tissue meets the foot sole. The resting pain is on not on the bottom at all, but is made much worse weight bearing. When it gets good and mad, the pain is on the bottom of the foot just below those side spots.

Obviously the Achilles rehab is the main goal here, so I can’t just *stop* and rest and I am supposed to be stretching all the tendons, ligaments, etc. Ice helps some with the pain, but I can’t tell Advil (800 mg 3x/day) is doing anything except tearing up my stomach.

Hurts like a sunnuvabitch!! Hurts WORSE than anything with the Achilles, including surgery!

I’m OK in the boot, and through most of my morning, 10 minute walk in running shoes. Getting ouchy by 4 or 5 p.m. and by 6 (my evening stroll) the heel/foot now SCREAM if they even see the shoe. Can barely stand to even get the shoe on.

I have this prickly ball thing and I started rolling my foot on that and doing pressured rubbing by hand along the bottom of the foot. The massage therapist is also doing her best.

April 4 - Today was the first morning I could get out of bed and (immediately) walk. Usually I have to stretch to get into the boot, then clomp around in the boot before going to shoes. Going to yoga this afternoon for the first time. It is a mat class—no standing exercises.

April 6 – Went to a farmers market (I’m a vendor) in Nashville, an hour away. I have an old truck that has a fairly soft clutch. Thought I could manage it (in shoe—not boot). Took it for a test run the night before and I was wrong. So that morning someone drove me to the interstate (7 miles), then I drove to Nashville, got out, put the boot on, stood for 4 hours, took boot off, put shoe on, drove back to gas station at the interstate where someone came to drive me home. I held up OK, but I was “clutched out.”

That night 4 of us went to the Grand Ole Opry for the first time. It was fun but by the end of the evening my foot would tolerate NO weight bearing.

April 10 – “Baby I can drive my car!!” <everyone sing along!> OK, so it’s not exactly Beatles lyrics, but I CAN drive my Saturn Vue. Shorter, softer clutch. FREEDOM!!!!

April 11 – Laser eye procedure for stray cells growing under the LASIK flap. Honestly, I am so ready to be *done* with all these limitations and Dr. appointments.

April 13 – OUTTA HERE!!!! Going to visit a friend in Atlanta on somewhat short notice. Got stuck in traffic on the way down and my ankle was screaming for me to find the nearest dealership and buy an automatic.

April 14 – Went to botanical gardens and walked around for about 4 hours, in the boot. Only had to rest once. Held up pretty well.

Summary: Life is so much better vertical, even if I am still stuck indoors. *sigh* My stamina is NOTHING like it was pre-op. I tire so very easily. Here are some ROM pictures. If I ice it, my ROM is marked better—most people heat helps, but as usual, I have to be different.




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  1. So 4 things help plantar fasciitis according to the PT I work with: stretching the calf, strong anti-inflammatory medicine, PT for foot intrinsic muscles (picking up marbles with toes, towel crunches with toes, etc…), and good insoles with a healthy amount of arch support. That can mean orthotics from a PT/podiatrist or semi-custom insoles like superfeet (on amazon).
    Hope that helps. There may be other stuff but that’s what is proven with research.

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