First Mile & 5 Month Follow Up

Memorial Day I went to the walking/running track and walked my first contiguous mile this year! My time was SLOW (as expected, but I was focused on accuracy of gait–not pace. The next day I walked 1.6 miles. My leg was tired and the Achilles a little tender, but not bad.

Back to ortho May 29 (In case you have lost track: Injury January 3, surgery January 8, casted and NWB until March 25, booted until April 15). First thing he said was, "Ready for ballet?!?!" YES! Made me smile. Very good report. Range of motion @ 8 wks post cast is where he would have expected @ 6 months. Try to walk 3x/wk at the track. No running (as if I could!) for 4-6 wks more, minimum. He asked if I was doing all the rehab on my own and I replied, "No, I’m doing personal training with trainers twice a week. He said, "Keep doing it for 3 more months!" NO NEED FOR PT!!

So beginning ballet next week!!!

I still cannot rise up on the balls of my feet–can only raise my heels about an inch. Am waiting for a friend’s pool to open for summer. Swelling is still an issue. OTC nor Rx meds seem to do anything. Dr. says it is normal and just ice, elevate and keep waiting it out.

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  1. You must be doing something right if you don’t need PT. Pretty awesome that you can start ballet too–pointing, releve will no doubt be good therapy. Thanks for the update and good luck!

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